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Explosion at Foxconn’s Apple iPad 2 Plant

Exploision at Apple's iPad 2 Plant in China

An Explosion happened at Foxconn’s Chengdu Manufacturing Plant, this plant is where Apple’s iPad 2 is made. It is reported that the explosion happened inside an “operation room”, but we are not sure what do they do in the room.

There’s no confirmation on what cause the explosion, and how many casualties, but more than 10 fire engines, ambulances and police car were seen.

The factory is now sealed off by police, and no reporters are allowed to go near the plant as it is still not safe, and might have a possibility for a second explosion.

Hopefully no one is seriously injured, and hopefully no death.

Check out the video of explosion scene:

China’s fake version of iPad 2 Ads?

Yes, the ad looks really familiar right? It is actually taken from Apple’s old iPad ad, photoshop-ed with front facing camera and given iPad 2 a brand new White body which Apple can’t really produce even for iPhone 4.

Talk about white, although there always has been rumors saying white iPhone is for Verizon, but apparently it is not. Apple might really have issue producing good white color for their White iPhone. So let’s wait and see, and we might be able to see white iPhone 5.

Anyway, enjoy the mock up ad for iPad 2:

Can you tell the difference between iPhone 4 and China Clone SoPhone?

Can you really tell the difference between the real Apple iPhone 4 and SoPhone “iPhone 4” China Clone? From this picture I really can’t tell which one is the real one.

So when you are in China or Hong Kong next time, and you thought you have found a real deal for iPhone 4, think twice and double check before you buy one! I’m sure you will feel it once you start playing with it, so be sure to check!

Check out the video below on the news headlines in Hong Kong:

Crazy Crowd at China’s iPhone 4 Launch

iPhone 4 is officially launched in China on 25 September! This time round, china only waited for months compare to the previous 2 years of wait for iPhone 3G/S. Over 1000 had lined up outside of Apple Store to buy the newest iPhone!

China Unicom have reported that more than 200,000 users have pre-ordered the iDevice and the first guy who got his iPhone 4 in China queued for 2 days.

Checkout of the video of the iPhone 4 launch in China

But there have been rumors that iPhone supplies in China will not meet its demand as the demand for iPhone 4 is still growing very strong.

This is how China Media look at Apple and Steve Jobs?

I have to admit it is funny. I’m Sorry if you don’t understand chinese, I can’t really do a translation about it to make it as funny as it is just a video created to make him look like a joke. But honestly, we know how Steve Jobs works, and how great a CEO he is. Nevertheless, it is fun to watch stuff like this sometimes ya? Sorry Steve!

Check out the video:

Hundreds Waited Overnight for the Opening of Shanghai Apple Store

It is a huge launch in China for Apple! Hundreds waited outside of the yet open Apple Store overnight to be the first to go into the store! Many even flew from different provinces of China for this opening event, many of them hope to catch a glimpse of the new iPhone 4 or Steve Jobs, but where disappointed…

Nevertheless, the opening is very successful and early visitors are given the special edition Apple Store T-Shirt

Check out the YouTube on the opening of first Shanghai Apple Store! [micgadget]

iPhone HD/4G Clone out in Market even before Official Launch

Sometimes you just need to be impressed by how fast China Clones can be produce so fast, and you also need to be impress how successful is Apple. Even before the Official announcement or launch of iPhone 4G/HD, China already clone out a iPhone 4G/HD and will be selling out in their market.

How do you know your product is successful? When company make clone/lookalike of your product, Apple is so successful that clones are in market even before releasing the product! Haha!

This China iPhone knock-off is called GPS iPhone, and it looks pretty close to the leaked photos we saw from Gizmodo and Vietnam, except for the long TV Antenna. So before you think it is the leaked iPhone, look twice before buying! [CultofMac]