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Turn your iPad into a Macbook Pro

iPad Macbook Pro

If you are a hardcore iPad user who can’t live without iPad, but still prefer physical keyboard to be more efficient and love the form factor of Macbook Pro, you are in luck. Japanese retailer Rakuten have came out with an iPad case + keyboard which like a smaller size Macbook Pro.

All in one Case for iPad

The case contains a built-in Lithium-polymer battery which can charge your iPad, a USB port, mini USB port and a bluetooth keyboard which can be connected to your iPad. Price of it is around USD$75 and is currently only available in Japan. But honestly a case that have battery, bluetooth keyboard, USB and mini USB port, it is a great deal. Plus it looks very nice.

It is built for iPad 2, but it should work fine with the new iPad as phyiscally the difference is small. If you wish to get it, you can check out rakuten.

[via 9to5Mac]




Super Protection for your iPad with G-Form Case

I have seen many iPad cases that says it will protect your iPad from scratches and drops. But how much protection are they really promising? G-Form Case for iPad is the ultimate I would say, it can protect your iPad screen from a 8lb bowling ball dropped from 3 feets up.

If you are someone who play rough or might be bring your iPad to rough places, this might be the case for you. It is only available for pre-order now, at cost USD$59.95, more details at G-Form.

Check out the demo video from them:

iPad 2 smaller, thinner and lighter? [Video]

We have heard many many rumors on iPad 2 will be smaller and thinner. M.I.C Gadget gotten a leather iPad 2 case which has been reported that it was tested with a real iPad 2. The case seems to be housing a smaller and thinner iPad rather than the current iPad.

I know it is stupid to say anything against it now, but I feel that the next iPad might be having the same size. Apple usually keep their product with the same size and shape for at least 2 refreshes. We see that with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Macbook Pros. Thus we might be getting the same old iPad size for iPad 2.

iPad 3 is rumored to come to us by Fall of 2011, so this case might be for iPad 3? I mean I’m just guessing, who knows? Haha! Anyway check out the video of it below:

iPad 2 Cases Video – iPad 2 with larger speaker and maybe USB Port?

iPad will be having its refresh very soon, rumored to be end of February. So what will we be getting from the new iPad?

Based on the video of the iPad 2 Cases, iPad 2 will most likely have a much larger speaker, which will be reach all the way back into the back of iPad. Rear Facing Camera, with no flash and the size of the iPad seems to remain around the same, although the design definitely have changes as they don’t fit nicely to the current iPad.

Check out the video to see what you will be most likely getting, although I still hope iPad 2 will have a smaller version.

Turn your iPad into laptop with Clamcase

iPad can be said to be one of the best web surfing device ever created, it is the best way for you to consume media and web contents. But one of the lacking point of iPad is the lack of keyboard, although iPad’s virtual keyboard is not a bad way to type, but it is not as fast and good as a keyboard.

Clamcase has presented a proof-of-concept video of a case retail at $149, that consist of a bluetooth keyboard and case which transform your iPad into a virtual laptop, which you can use as a laptop or just the normal iPad. giving out free iPhone 4 Case to prevent iPhone 4 Reception Issues!

Apple are not giving their Bumper for free even after the iPhone 4 Reception issues reported by users. But is giving out free LifeGrip Cases for free which will prevent you touching the external antenna on iPhone 4.

They will give out a free purple, rose, black, blue or white LifeGrip silicone-base free case for free, you will need to pay $3.73 for shipping in US, and more if you are worldwide(For Singapore, it cost $28.50 for shipping!)

Check out for your free LifeGrip case and hopefully you will feel better. 🙂