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How well does iPhone 4S Siri works with Asian Accent? [Video]

Beta Siri

Siri as mentioned by Apple is still a beta software, I think the reason it is still in Beta is because of a few reasons.

Firstly, Siri is almost a ground-breaking Technology, the ability to understand real-life English usage, when you don’t have to speak in a weird way in order for Siri to understand.

Secondly, Siri is only available in a few language, and is mainly US and UK English. For Apple, they are targeting people around the world, thus I’m sure Chinese, Japanese, French and many other language are in their road map. Thus they won’t deem it as a complete product before people from around the world can use.

Siri vs Asian

So what will happen now if people in Asia uses iPhone 4S now? The Siri results may vary depending on people to people, but I would think that the result won’t be as good as people in the US, as our English in asia have our own Asian Accent.

So let’s see how will Siri fair against, Asian Accent like Malay, Indian and Singaporean?

Siri can’t really handle broken English or Asian Accents [Video]

Siri is still a beta software

We have seen Scott Forstall demo-ed iPhone 4S’s Siri, it works very very well. I have recently blogged about Siri works like a charm in real life usage, but no. Siri is beta for some reasons, Siri can’t really handle accents especially Asian Accents, like Japanese or Chinese I suppose.

So I assume, Siri will be out of beta only when Apple believe it can handle the speech from anyone in the world. It will be a tough process, but I have alot of confidence on Apple on achieving it. Siri’s voice recognition now is already one of the best in the world. Give them some time. I

For the below demo video, we are looking at a Japanese guy trying out Siri with English, apperantly Siri have issue figuring out what he is trying to say. It is quite funny, I think the guy is quite mad over Siri, do check out the video: