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MacUpdate Bundle 2011 is here [Video]

MacUpdate Bundle is back! With just $49.99, you will be able to get 10 very useful apps which includes Roxio’s Toast Titanium, Data Rescue and Fantastical.

So what will you get for USD$49.99?

  1. Roxio’s Toast Titanium 11 – One of the best Disc burning software for Mac
  2. Data Rescue 3 – Data Recovery on Mac, allow you to recover data when you hard disk went into issue
  3. FX Photo Studio Pro 2.0 – Edit your Photos with ease with FX Photo Studio Pro with over 170 photo effects & filters
  4. Fantastical – The best Calendar App on Mac, allowing you to write natural language and calendar event will be marked
  5. iStats Menu – Monitor your system stats on your menubar.
  6. PhoneView 2.7.1 – Manage your iPhone via PhoneView, access music, videos, sms, mms and more.
  7. Concealer 1.0.8 – Hide and Encrypt your files/folders on your Mac
  8. EarthDesk – Browse the Earth with EarthDesk
  9. Mellel – A very useful Mac App for clean word processing.
  10. Bookends – Manage all your research, reference and information with Bookends.
Check out the Video on all 10 Apps here:

You can buy the bundle from MacUpdate

$0.99 iPhone/iPad games from EA and Gameloft for Memorial Day Sale!

EA Games and Gameloft are holding Memorial Day Sales for iPhone and iPad games. Games will range from $0.99 to $4.99, so it is a great chance for you to grab your favorite games if you have been waiting to get it!

Some of the games are:

  • The Sims – $0.99
  • Draw Jump – $0.99
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 – $0.99
  • NBA Jam – $0.99
  • Fast Five the Movie: Official Game HD
  • Assassin’s Creed: Atlair’s Chronicles HD
  • Iron Man 2
  • and more!

This are not the full list of discounted games, so do check out EA Games and Gameloft.

If you don’t have an iPhone, well you don’t have an iPhone – New Apple TV Ads [Video]

If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone. That’s the slogan for Apple’s new series of iPhone Ads on TV. This makes iPhone owners like us proud to be an iPhone user… I think. What they are trying to say is.. you will never feel how good it feel to be an iPhone owner if you don’t have an iPhone.

Apple released 3 TV ads on iPhone which uses the slogan, check out the video below:

Do you feel that iPad Apps are Overpriced?

Do you feel that iPad Apps are overpriced? How much difference is iPad Apps to iPhone’s Apps? To be honest, they are almost exactly the same, just that the screen resolution is different, but look at the price difference. It is huge! The average price for iPad in the top 100 paid Apps is $5.80! It is rather expensive! How much more expensive? They are charging 171% more than those in iPhone top 100 paid apps!

So why are iPad Apps so much more expensive? Honestly, I don’t know.. I know that developers have to scale up their apps resolutions, some even redesigned it to make full use of iPad’s Screen. But why are they so much more expensive?

The only reason I can find is iPad is new, and it is still look up as a premiere product, thus you need to pay extra for its App. I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel.

Gaming on iPad gonna rock?! [Video]

We all know how gaming will be HUGE in iPad, not only the screen is huge, the processing power, the rendering power, the graphics power. Now with services like OTOY or onLive, you can now play Full-blown PC/Mac games on iPad!

Techcrunch has shown us a early footage of what iPad can achieve with it Wifi and processing power. Gaming will be HUGE in iPad. I have to agree… We have to agree…

thousands of iPad Apps are in iTunes App Store now!

Days before iPad is launch, Apple has launch their iPad App Store. It is sharing the same App Store with iPhone, with just a tab to select whether you want to browse the iPhone or iPad store. Nevertheless, thousands of Apps are approved for iPad, and numbers of iPad Apps downloads are sure to be more thousands.

Honestly, to my knowledge, we have not seen a product have so many Apps before it is launch. Imagine how many developers and effort were put into all this approved apps, way back in time before iPad is launch? I’m sure developer start coding the first day iPad was announced.

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forScore – Play on piano with your iPad

We have seen iPad Apps demo-ed during the announcement of iPad. We have seen games and comic on iPad. But what if iPad helps you when u play on piano? No more flipping of pages when you play?

We are seeing more and more developer releasing news on their up and coming iPad Apps as we step closer and closer to the launch date of April 3 for iPad.

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First FREE turn by turn voice guided GPS for iPhone by MapQuest

After Google released their free turn by turn voice guided GPS Map for droid, and iPhone’s voice guided GPS cost some $99, it seems more cost-effective to buy android phones. But Worry-No-More! MapQuest just released free turn by turn voice guided GPS for iPhone!~

Cool things about MapQuest 4 Mobile are :

  • Voice Guidance
  • Off-route Assistance ( warns you if you get out of course, and re-route you back )
  • Point-of-interest integration
  • Text-Search
  • Maps and direction are download on the go (via data connection)

Not so good stuff:

  • it requires data connection
  • No map rotation, thus the map won’t rotate base on your direction
  • No voice to search feature
  • No traffic information
  • Supports only in US, and some European countries!

Details @ mapquest’s blog or download it in itunes now!

App Store now officially has 100,000 of Apps

Apple announced that App Store now has 100,000 Apps available for download!appstore

We all know that Apple have recently announced more than 2 billion downloads from 77 countries! Apple has been focusing on boosting the App Store as we all know that App Store is the huge difference betweeen Androidd and Blackberry. As Apple have the largest and most downloaded App Store.

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