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Apple is tracking our location via iPhone, but why? [Video]

It is now confirmed that Apple is storing location informations of every iPhone users. Peter Warden and Alasdair Allan have found out that iOS have a database storing information of the location of iPhone and is taking a snap of the location almost every minute.

The picture which you have seen on top, is the location information store by iPhone from one of the creator of iPhoneTracker, who have create an application to let you import the location data that your iPhone is storing and displaying in a map format.

I have downloaded the software, and have load the map with my location information, and it is just pure amazing. It really did record down my whole Taiwan Trip on Oct 2010 and the more recent US trip on March 2011

Taiwan Trip 2010:

My recent US Trip on March 2011:

Interesting yeah? I have no idea, Apple can map my journey so well, it can almost be used as a proof if I ever have to show my location at any point of time. But why is Apple doing this? All this location information did not expire after almost 1 year. Why do Apple need to keep location information of their users for such a long time?

Apple have not gave us any information or reply on this issue.

Check out the video of the creator of iPhoneTracker:


Humor: iBoy – Newest creation from Apple [Video]

iBoy is the newest creation from Apple! iBoy comes in black or white, multiple language and sizes. iBoy is most suitable for family who wants an extra kid or if you feel that bring up a child is very troublesome, iBoy will be great for you as you only need to charge him everynight! Yes, iBoy is a hybrid of human boy and magical iPad.

Of course its a joke, check out the video. It is pretty funny:

Lego + Apple is just too cool! [Video]

It might not be a real product. But I seriously think if it is real, it will really sell very well. All geeks love Legos and Apple right? Such a nice combination.

There are a Apple Store Lego set plus a “line” set which consist of legos queuing up Apple products.

Product Features

  • Amazing PLAYMOBIL™ set introduces children to the magic of Apple technology
  • Interactive play teaches important social interaction skills
  • Includes everything pictured: entire store with figures and over 60 accessories
  • Store comes fully staffed with PLAYMOBIL™ Apple Store associates
  • Ground floor of Apple store features product demo tables, software shelves and kids corner
  • Top floor includes Genius Bar and Keynote Theater with mini Steve Jobs figure
  • Use your own real iPhone 4 as the screen behind Steve Jobs in the Keynote Theater (downloadable simulated keynote presentation available on the PLAYMOBIL™ website)
  • Purchase the optional Line Pack and stage your own Apple Device launch party!
  • Entire store measures 72 cm long x 36 cm deep x 40 cm high
  • Officially licensed Apple product

Check out the nicely done video and enjoy the joke:

iPad 2 “We Believe” TV Ads

Apple have just released their new TV ads for iPad 2 – “We Believe”. Apple is pushing iPad to be a very personal device, which you can use for any reason in your life, like reading books, sharing pictures of your kids, surf web, watch your family video or even create a song.

iPad is really a device that let you feel that there is no device, but just content and what you want to do. Pictures, Video, web and music.

Check out the new ad from Apple for iPad 2:

Fun: Secret of Apple’s Product [Video]

Charlie and the Apple Factory

Do you want to know why Apple’s Product is so attractive and interesting?

Check out this funny video, and you will know why….

Apple’s Secret Recipe of making interesting and successful product?

Yes! I think there is also no secret that make Apple successful. It is just they want to make a product that people will love. They make it very simple, so simple that any kids that pick up iPad for the first time will know how to operate it.
Sometimes we just have to admit that Apple is really successful in what they are doing.

Top 10 Mac Countries – Singapore is in the list!

The chart above is the Top 10 Mac Countries in the world. Switzerland number 1 with close to 18% of the IT space. Mac has been seeing growth in lots of countries mainly due to iPhone and iPad popularity!

Singapore – Most Mac Users in Asia

As a Singaporean and a Mac Fan, I very proud that Singapore is in the top 10 list with 10.69%, and the only country in Asia!  Well done Singapore, I know you all love Macs and iPhone, iPad! 🙂

Are you addicted to Angry Birds? Don’t worry, Mike Tyson can help you!

Did anyone told you that you are spending too much time on Angry Birds? If so, then you are addicted to Angry Birds! So… If you want to cure your addiction, how can you go about it? Now Mike Tyson can help your cure your addiction! Haha.

Lucky Mike is not doing to the infamous Angry Bird Cake, else he will most likely regret it after that.

Check out this funny video by Mike Tyson ( Shot by Adam Ostow)

Top 10 Reasons to buy iPad 2 by David Letterman [Video]

So what’s the Top 10 Reasons for you to buy an iPad 2? I don’t know, but I know what’s 10 Top Reasons from David Letterman.

Check out his video:

His Top 10 Reasons:

10. Special Microchip makes it obsolete 50% faster

9. Apple will sell it to you for $100 if you tell them Dave sent you

8. So thin you can use it to chop vegetables!

7. Comes with a camera on the front, one on the back and one in your neighbor’s shower

6. This is off topic, but who buys tickets to see a live Charlie Sheen Show?

5.New App which makes any room smell like biscuits

4. No number 4 — Writer still on line for an iPad 2

3. Isn’t it about time you did something for you?

2. Instead of a touch screen, it has a lick screen

1. In this economy, who doesn’t have 600 bucks to throw around?

If you don’t have an iPhone, well you don’t have an iPhone – New Apple TV Ads [Video]

If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone. That’s the slogan for Apple’s new series of iPhone Ads on TV. This makes iPhone owners like us proud to be an iPhone user… I think. What they are trying to say is.. you will never feel how good it feel to be an iPhone owner if you don’t have an iPhone.

Apple released 3 TV ads on iPhone which uses the slogan, check out the video below: