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Apple spent $249 million last year on Advertisement

Apple always has been good in their  commercials, leaving strong impressions in viewers and making them want to buy their products.

It is reported that they spent $249 million last year, but it is less than half of what Microsoft spent.

It seems like Apple is a big spender in advertising, either on TV, printed, online or radio. But look at how much Microsoft spent, almost double of what Apple actually spent. To my opionion, I think Apple’s commercials are more effective, and left a better impression on viewers.

Is this how Apple sell their product to us?

This is how Apple sell their product to us? It seems so familiar right? But I have to say, even though we all know this, we still love Apple’s Product. Every time with new product released we still feel so excited ain’t we?

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Apple now 3rd largest Smartphone vendor in the world

Global Smartphone sales has went up 50%, growing from 35.9 million units sold in the year ago quarter to 54 million units in the first quarter of 2010.

Report from MarketWatch citied figures from Stratgy Analytics, saying that smartphone now make up 18% of all phone sold.

Apple’s growth in smartphone industry is tremendous, being the youngest mobile vendor, Apple now grabs 16% of Smartphone Industry, just behind RIM and Nokia. Apple’s growth in the first quarter made it the number one mobile vendor in all US phone makers and reached a high of 3% global market shares of all phones.

We can see that Apple is slowly and steadying dominating the smartphone and maybe the whole mobile industry with it iPhone.

iPhone, Nexus, Droid and Palm Pre comparsion

Billshrink has once again put up their handy chart comparing the total cost of ownership for Google’s Nexus One, Apple’s iPhone, Motorola’s Droid and Palm’s Palm Pre.

Of course, they are based on US’s Price Plan and Google Nexus One has not been release yet where to date. But this chart is very useful for you to compare its features and possibility the price point is somewhere close to your local price.


Apple buys Mobile Ad Platform Quattro for $275million


Apple have bought Mobile Ad Platform Quattro for $275million on January 2010.

This buying only came 2 months after Admob was snatched from Apple by Google. We knew that Apple has been venturing into mobile industrial after releasing of iPhone, iPod Touch and the ‘magical iSlate’. Thus acquiring a mobile advertising company and platform is very important in Apple’s Roadmap.

Quattro’s CEO has already be posted as Apple’s VP, and will surely be very involved in integrating the platform to Apple’s core products.

Let’s Stay Tuned to see how Apple will integrate its newly acquired Mobile Ad Platform with iPhone, iSlate or even iTunes.