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Apple Remote App Updated to Support new AppleTV

Apple have updated their Remote App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This App can be use to control any iTunes and new Apple TV from just iOS Device in the same network. This update finally bring supports to iPad and iPhone 4’s Retina’s Display and supports the newly launch Apple TV.

What’s New In Version 2.0

• Designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
• Optimized for Retina displays and large screen real estate on iPad
• Support for Shared Libraries on iTunes and new Apple TV

Download your Remote App from App Store now!

Multi-Touch Apple Remote for AppleTV

MacPredictions have came out very nice looking concept of how multi-touch Apple remote for Apple TV will look like, and it is gorgeously nice!

It is previously rumored that Apple will be coming out iPhone-size AppleTV which will have A4 Chip, 16GB Storage and all iTunes Content can be stream from cloud. Base on that MacPrediction did a very nice concept art of how new remote will look like with reference to the magic mouse that Apple released last year.

I’m sure mutli-touch remote will interact better with Apple TV than just buttons if next generation Apple TV is build like a iPhone, which icons, docks and Apps. Users can be playing games even from the remote itself, ain’t that just cool? Let’s hope that Apple will be releasing something like what we have seen!

Apple coming out with a $30-a-month TV Subscription

Apple has reportedly reached out to TV networks in recent weeks with a proposed $30-per-month subscription

plan to deliver content via iTunes — a service it hopes to launch in early 2010.

Seems like Apple still have plans to bring Apple TV back to life.

PS: But as a person who is living outside of US, we don’t get to enjoy Apple TV as much as in US.  🙁

Apple Releases iTunes 9.0.2, Support for Apple TV

Apple has released iTunes 9.0.2 to support Apple TV 3.0 adds an option for “dark” viewing option for Grid View and additional accessibility support.


Other than the above, it also came with some other updates

  1. A new Column browser for browsing your artists or albums, TV Shows, movies and more.
  2. Home Sharing now helps you to manage your family’s purchases between computers in your home. iTunes can automatically sync new purchases or you can manually choose items.
  3. iTunes Store has a improved look for easier and quicker navigation
  4. iPod and iPhone syncing now allows you to organize your iPhone and iPod touch home screens directly in iTunes. Syncing is now also more flexible, allowing you to sync individual artists, genres, or TV show and Podcast episodes.
  5. iTunes U are now organized in their own section in your iTunes Library
  6. Sync Support for iPod Nano (5th Gen), iPod Classic (Fall 2009) and iPod Touch (Fall 2009)
  7. It breaks Palm Pre Sync with iTunes, but jail Broken iPhones still sync perfectly!

Check out Apple’s iTunes Website to download the latest iTunes 9.0.2

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