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Lonely Planet US Travel Guides for iPhone/iPad FREE for 2 Days!

From now till 4th February 2011  9pm ET, Lonely Planet is giving out free US Travel Guides for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad for FREE!

In each guide, there are offline maps for tourists who might not have data connections in foreign land, location-based navigation, galleries and point of interests which you might be interested in visiting.

It is a price drop from US$6 to Free, so don’t wait, be sure to get your copy of Lonely Planet US Guides for free now.


Las Vegas Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

Los Angeles Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

San Francisco Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

Boston Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

Chicago Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

Miami Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

Montreal Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

New Orleans Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

New York Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

Seattle Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

Toronto Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

Vancouver Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

Washington Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

djay for iPad – Very very cool iPad App

You want to know what kind of App you run on iPad will make the whole world jealous, djay for iPad is the App! It is a very cool looking Disc Jockey App which allows you to do DJ stuff with just your iPad and your iTunes library. Cool yeah? It is quite full featured with easy to access controls.

So if you are interested to see and experience how DJing feels like, you can get djay for iPad at $19.99 in the App Store

Do check out the video fo djay in action, and the features:

iPad as Cash register, best combination!

Whoever that have thought of this idea of making iPad your Cash Register has the million dollar idea. iPad has large enough screen, very sensitive touch screen plus fast processor. All this actually adds up to be a very good Cash Register as you can touch on the “button” which are the pricing, then open up cash register.

Cash Register System such as Revel Systems has done a great job of implementing that.

Check out the video on how iPad can be used as a iPad Cash Register:

Turn your iPhone or iPad into AppleTV with AirView

I know lots of you are wondering if you can stream videos to your iPhone or iPad via your iTunes on your desktop, previously you can’t, but now you can! With AirView, you can now stream video/podcast or songs. Cool right? Please note that you will need iOS 4.2 to run AirPlay or AirView, so do update your iOS if you need to run it. Jailbroken iPhones, sorry you got to wait awhile… 🙂

So iOS 4.2 iPhone users, don’t wait, download AirView now, it is free!

Mac App Store is now Open!

Yes! The Apple’s Mac App Store is finally up! If you haven’t do your System Update, go to Your Apple Icon, click on Software Updates, and you will be able to get Mac App Store installed. Of course, Apple pushed Mac App Store as a Software Update on the OS Level, so you will need to do a reboot after installation.

After you are done, I’m sure you will be spending hours in the store, looking for good free apps, and great paid apps yeah? Currently Angry Birds is already the top paid App in Mac App Store. I’m really wondering… Why people still wanna play Angry Birds on their Mac when they already have iPhone and iPad! Nevertheless, it is now the top app.

The top free app on Mac App Store is Twitter currently. It looks and feel exactly like Tweetie,  so you all will be able to download and install it now with ease.

Overall, I had a great first-hand experience with Mac App Store, it is the usual clean, fast and easy to navigate app store experience. I’m able to quickly download games, twitter and many other apps on it and it is really the easiest way to install App on Mac. And Honestly, it will be the easiest way to spend lots of money on them!

There are quite a large collection of apps/software in there, like Evernote, Apple’s iWorks and iLife, lots of games that we are very familiar, for eg Flight Control HD, Tori Tori and Angry Birds.

So what are you waiting for? Update your Mac now and get App Store running, and start spend some money! Haha!

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas from Apple – Free gives away!

As a norm, Apple will be giving out free gifts for the next 12 days after christmas. So you will be able to get free songs, or video from iTunes. So from 26 Dec – 6 Jan, you can go to or download the Official App from iTunes to keep track and remind you of the free gifts iTunes are giving out.

For 26 Dec, you can download Cheryl Cole’s Free song and Video Bundle for 24 hours before a new song/app/music video is release for free. Don’t forget it get it! Its all free if you have iTunes account.

Install Plex on your AppleTV 2G [Video]

New Apple TV 2G are running on iOS, and as we all know, to enable more features on your Apple TV you got to jailbreak it. Plex is one of the best media center app around for Mac, it have stunting interface and cool features.

Overall Steps to install:

  1. Jailbreak your Apple TV
  2. Download Plex Server on your Mac/PC
  3. Install Plex Client on your Apple TV by following this instructions

The video below shows you how you can actually install Plex on your Apple TV :

Make Free Call Worldwide on your iPhone with Viber now!

I’m sure most of you iPhone users have been using WhatApp as your replacement for SMS, as it free, and you can send text to your friends regardless where, and only use up your data usage, now you can call your friends worldwide and just use data! This is one of the coolest iPhone App launch in recent days! I have to say it is much better than Skype, as not all your friends have a skype account, and Skype App on iPhone drain battery when it runs in the background.

Viber is different, there ain’t much you need to do, just download the app, enter your phone number, receive a sms from them, key in the pass code and you can start calling your friends for free!

Please note that as it is using internet(VOIP), thus you will need at least have a data plan, or connect to WiFi to make calls. Check out the video below and you will know how cool it really is!

Viber is free and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store

Put Gravity to your Apps on your iPad with GraviBoard

Tilting your iPad’s screen so watch movie, show your friends photos or even switching from protrait to landscape is the common thing you do to your iPad. So what if… your App icons follow the law of Newton – Gravity?!

Graviboard is a App which you can install very soon, to give Gravity to your Apps icons on your iPad‘s screen. What does it do? It entertain you when you see your friend’s expressions when the icons start dropping and flowing according to how the screen is tilt or rotated.

Check out the demo video of Graviboard below:

Tactile D-Pad for iPhone and iPad

One main issue with iPhone and iPad gaming is that the lack of physical buttons, so playing games that requires D-Pads or pushing of buttons is weird as most iPhone/iPad games now uses virtual D-Pads and buttons. It makes the games harder to play as the buttons and virtual d-pad are not as ease to use, especially when you need to look at the d-pad to make the move rather than the screen play itself.

Japan as always come out with very creative stuff, now they have come out with this Stick-on Tactile D-Pad and Buttons for iPhone and iPad! You can now stick them onto your iPhone/iPad screen so you can have a “Physical” buttons and D-Pad, and you can enjoy your gaming on iPhone or iPad even more! You can buy the stick on buttons from Japan at around 630yen which is around USD$7.80 or around Singapore Dollar $10.

We have no idea how many times you can pull out and stick back the stick on buttons, mostly they can last for at least a few stick-on else, it will be $10 per game, which is totally not worth it.