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OS X Mountain Lion AirPlay Mirroring via AppleTV

OS X Mountain Lion AirPlay

One of my favorite feature that Mountain Lion is offering is AirPlay Mirroring. AirPlay mirroring has been available for iPad or iPad, meaning you can stream or mirror what you see in your iPad/iPhone to your AppleTV which will be shown on your big screen TV.

Mountain Lion is going to bring that feature to Mac, so you can stream or mirror your Macbook/iMac screen to your big screen in your living room! Pretty cool huh? It almost makes me wonder, isn’t this going to push AppleTV’s sales, especially in cooperate environment? Imagine having an AppleTV hooking up to your TV in your meeting room. You can present your keynote just on your Mac wirelessly.

Anyway back to AirPlay, so with AirPlay you will be able to stream/mirror your Mac to your TV, and not only image, even sound will be push over to the TV. Thus you can stream any movie to your TV.

Check out Insanely Great Mac‘s Video, he have done a demo on it:

Apple’s New Ads – AirPlay & FaceTime make it an iPhone [Video]

2 new iPhone 4 Ads

Apple just launched 2 new TV Ads for iPhone 4, advertising the power of AirPlay and FaceTime. Honestly, I think this might be the 2 newest and most unused feature that iPhone 4 have, which users might have forgotten or not knowing the function at all.

I feel that it is good that Apple remind us the users again on this 2 new features and showing us the way it might be useful to us. AirPlay is really a very useful feature especially if you want to share or show pictures or videos to everyone on a large screen. FaceTime is always there when I wish to see my mom’s face.

This 2 features might not be as important as calling or smsing,but when you need it and it is there. The feeling is great. So enjoy the 2 new ads by Apple:

AirPlay Ad

FaceTime Ad

Turn your iPhone or iPad into AppleTV with AirView

I know lots of you are wondering if you can stream videos to your iPhone or iPad via your iTunes on your desktop, previously you can’t, but now you can! With AirView, you can now stream video/podcast or songs. Cool right? Please note that you will need iOS 4.2 to run AirPlay or AirView, so do update your iOS if you need to run it. Jailbroken iPhones, sorry you got to wait awhile… 🙂

So iOS 4.2 iPhone users, don’t wait, download AirView now, it is free!

AirPlay to your Mac with a simple App!

I’m sure lots of iPad/iPhone and Apple TV owners have been enjoying the AirPlay feature which came with iOS 4.2 update. With iOS 4.2, iPad/iPhone and AppleTV, you will be able to stream what is playing on your iPad/iPhone to your AppleTV and continue watching.

This is a very cool feature as you can have a seamless playback process after you reach home, you can continue watching your favorite show while you are on the way back home. But what if I want to watch it on my Mac Mini/Macs and not my Apple TV. You cant, but now you can as Erica Sadun have written an AirPlayer application for Mac!

Check out the demo video:

You can download the here.

Ping – Apple new Social Network Service, 1 Million Users in 48hours

Apple’s Eddy Cue told us that Ping has gotten 1 million users, it is just 48 hours after Steve Jobs announced Ping as the new Social Networking Service Apple will be supporting. It allows users to share, follow and be followed on their latest purchase of music, or releases of music. It is “Facebook” for Music, and to have 1 million users in just 48 hours is something only Apple can achieve.

Apple’s new iTunes 10 also got 3 million downloads within 48 hours, iTunes 10, and some changes in UI, they removed colours of the icons, changed their main icon and included support for Ping and AirPlay.

If you have not downloaded iTunes 10, you can download it from Apple Site here.

iHome – First Ever AirPlay Speaker!

Apple have announced iOS 4.1 for iPhone/iPod Touch, iOS 4.2 for iPad and iTunes 10 on their 1 September Media Event. AirPlay is one of the features that will be included in iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2. You will be able to stream media(videos and music) from Computer(Mac/PC) to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, AppleTV or even any device that is AirPlay enable! Yes, it means you can stream Movies and lossless audio straight from iTunes to any speakers in your house with your WiFi network!

iHome is one of the fastest in coming out with AirPlay enabled Speakers which will allow you stream music from your iTunes to it. When iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2 is release, you should be able to stream music directly from your iPhone or iPad to the speakers! It will be a wonderful feature. [Engadget]