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Adobe Carousel – Lightroom for iPad

Adobe Carousel

Adobe is unveiled an very cool iPad App – Carousel, almost like a Lightroom App for iPad. After watching their video, I can only say it is really very cool. Who knows it might replace Photo App in iPad?

From Adobe:

Adobe Carousel gives you a new way to enjoy your photos, making all of them available across your Mac and iOS devices, so you can browse, enhance, and share them easily. No manual syncing, no storage limits, no differences in what photos are available to you. Your photography is everywhere you are.

Wireless Sync, Cloud Storage, any devices

So, we will be able access our photo library from our Mac/PC from any iOS devices, including iPad and iPhone. There will be no need for us to do syncing or transfer photo manually, everything will be automatic and wirelessly. Sounds pretty cool right? It seems to be having some Lightroom features like filters, quick edit of photo like exposure, brightness and contracts.

Free download, but storage cost?

Carousel will be a free download from App Store and Mac App Store, but I think we got to pay for the “online cloud storage”. Let’s wait for more details once the App is launch. Although, asking me to pay for another cloud service is a bumper. How many cloud storage service should we have?!

Adobe Flash Video viewable on iOS, Android and even Internet TVs

Built on Flash Media Server, you will soon be able to watch flash videos on iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch which do not and will not support Flash. Mobile platform like Android and Internet TVs support Flash Video playing now, but the performance is not too good, and it drains battery from mobile devices.

Using HTTP Dynamic Streaming Technology, video streams will be readable and playable by mobile devices and performance will be better and automatically change the bit rate of video depending network speed.

Opera kind of agree with Jobs on Flash issues

After all the big stories on Steve Jobs and Microsoft on Flash, and how it will not be the future of web, Opera Product Analyst Phillip Grønvold agrees too.

Opera’s Product Analyst Phillip Grønvold spoke to TechRadar, Flash is the essential to the current web, but it won’t be the future of the web.

He said:

Today’s internet content is dependant on Flash. If you remove Flash you do not have today’s internet. But at Opera we say that the future of the web is open web standards and Flash is not an open web standards technology…

But flash as a video container makes very little sense for CPU, WiFi battery usage etcetera – you can cook an egg on [devices] once you start running Flash on them and there’s a reason for that…

For some reason it’s not part of the fabric of the web currently and Flash either needs to include itself in the future of the web and open web standards or its technology is going to be consistently under attack from all sides as the open web standard movement grows further and further.

I kind of agree with Phillips that, yes Flash is the used almost in every part of the web now, but after the launch of iPad, we slowly see everyone converting to HTML5. I would say more and more website will be converting, and HTML5 is really the way to go.

Adobe respond to Steve Jobs comment by giving each employee Android phone with Flash

Following the recent slam from Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs on why iPhone will not accept Flash into its platform, Adobe will be giving out to employee Android Phone loaded with Flash.

Adobe have mentioned to Cnet that they will be giving out to employee Android phone ranging from various HTC phones to Nexus One. Not only Android Phones will be given out, they will also ensure Flash can be loaded or are loaded before handing over to their staff.

Adobe is actually not the first company to do things like this, Google has a culture of giving out their Google’s Android phones to their staff as a practice.

Microsoft and Google both agree with Steve, HTML5 is the way to go

Just 1 day after Steve Jobs comment on Flash and HTML5, and why iPhone and iPad is only going to support HTML5, Microsoft also agreed with Jobs on HTML5  is the future of Web

Google’s Youtube is slowly shifting it focus to HTML5, as it is slowly stepping out from beta testing, Microsoft too, mentioned that Flash is not stable and is not optimized for Mobile Devices.

General Manager for Internet Explorer, Dean Hachamovitch virtually repeated one of Job’s 6 pillars of no Flash in iPhone OS:

Flash reliability, security, and performance are not as good as Microsoft would like them.

But not long after Steve Jobs’ comment on Flash, Adobe’s CEO replied to Jobs’ comment :

If flash is the number 1 reason that Mac crash, which I’m not aware of, it has as much to do with Apple Mac OS.

Seems only only Adobe thinks so, as Microsoft also thinks that Reliability of Flash is not as good as they would like to have.