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AdMob reported 25% of iPad Traffic is outside of US

Although iPad is not yet launch internationally, but Admob reported 25% of iPad’s traffic came outside of US! This is quite a huge percentage as iPad can only be bought outside of US by sites like eBay or if users went to US and personally bought it.

This number is already amazing, but we are sure the number will raise even more once iPad is launch internationally. Having this report, we really hope Apple can launch iPad internationally earlier, especially countries like Singapore and Australia where we need to wait till July to get them! [AdMob]

Apple buys Mobile Ad Platform Quattro for $275million


Apple have bought Mobile Ad Platform Quattro for $275million on January 2010.

This buying only came 2 months after Admob was snatched from Apple by Google. We knew that Apple has been venturing into mobile industrial after releasing of iPhone, iPod Touch and the ‘magical iSlate’. Thus acquiring a mobile advertising company and platform is very important in Apple’s Roadmap.

Quattro’s CEO has already be posted as Apple’s VP, and will surely be very involved in integrating the platform to Apple’s core products.

Let’s Stay Tuned to see how Apple will integrate its newly acquired Mobile Ad Platform with iPhone, iSlate or even iTunes.