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New iPad Ads – We’ll always

We’ll Always

Apple just launch their new iPad TV ads – We’ll Always. Reminding us iPad have changed the way we use our computers, laptops and tablet.

So how have iPad change your workflow?

Pulled off from the narration in the ads –

We’ll never stop sharing our memories…or getting lost in a good book. We’ll always cook dinner and cheer for our favorite team. We’ll still go to meetings, make home movies, and learn new things. But how we do all this will never be the same.

iFun – Verizon AT&T iPhone 4 Ad Funny Version! [Video]

Remember the iPhone 4 ad that Apple release when iPhone 4 is now on Verizon. Yes, iPhone fans have made this version of the ad that mock at AT&T’s connections. AT&T in US haven’t got good comments since the first day of iPhone launch, finally there is a new carrier in US to share the load from iPhone users.

It is really quite funny, check it out. Have a great laugh, and they have really done a great job on it!

iPad is Iconic – Apple’s new TV Ad

Apple launched iPad is… ad last year. This year, iPad is Iconic! Of course, rumors are saying that iPad 2 will be announce very soon. but Apple has spend effort in advertising their new kid in town, iPad. iPad has been hugely successful due to the fact that it is a all rounder device which people from all ages love.

iPad is a very good reader device, gaming device, working device, communication device and more. In this ad, Apple show case their DJ App, Color iBooks App, iWorks App and magazine app. What can I say, iPad is really a all-rounder device which will be a cool member in any family.

China’s fake version of iPad 2 Ads?

Yes, the ad looks really familiar right? It is actually taken from Apple’s old iPad ad, photoshop-ed with front facing camera and given iPad 2 a brand new White body which Apple can’t really produce even for iPhone 4.

Talk about white, although there always has been rumors saying white iPhone is for Verizon, but apparently it is not. Apple might really have issue producing good white color for their White iPhone. So let’s wait and see, and we might be able to see white iPhone 5.

Anyway, enjoy the mock up ad for iPad 2:

Apple’s New iPhone 4 Ad focus on its Retina Display

Apple just released their new ad for iPhone 4 focusing on its high resolution Retina Display.

This new ad entitled “Every” is shown on television as ad,

This is the highest resolution phone screen ever. So, every freckle, every wrinkle, every letter, every word, every tweet, tune, battle, and memory looks more beautiful than ever before.

I have to agree iPhone 4’s screen is truly impressive, beats all the screen out in the market now. 🙂