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New AppleTV has been Jailbroken! [Video]

Just hours after Apple TV shipped out of Apple’s Warehouse, it has been jailbroken yet again by iPhone Dev Team! In fact, it only took them 5 hours to successfully jailbreak and shoot the below video.

We all know that new Apple TV do not have any storage and only supports streaming rental from Apple. But what we also know is that Apple TV is running on iOS 4.1. It has 8GB of internal Storages, with 256mb of ram and runs on Apple’s A4 Processor, to be honest, the specifications looks like a 8GB iPhone 3GS with a new A4 Processor. We have seen in the previous Apple TV Review and saw that Apple TV play 720p very smoothly.  Quite impress with Apple’s Streaming Service as they are quite new in this field.

Nevertheless, a jailbroken Apple TV means there will be countless of hacks, Custom Codec to play all formats of video? 1080p output? iOS App supports? Emulators? External Hard Disk Support? Who knows what will be coming, but we are very excited!

Video Taken by iPhone 4 with SLR Lens Attached! Pretty Sweet!

Apple iPhone 4 is the number 1 media smartphone out in the market, it has the best 5mega pixel camera, wonderful 720p HD video recording. So what will an iPhone 4 be with a SLR camera lens attached to it?! It will be wonderfully huge, ok, I’m joking. It will be wonderfully impressive piece of work, I can’t describe about it, you got to watch it. [vid-atlanic]

iPhone 4 with OWLE and EnCinema 35mm Adapter (SLR Lens) from \Vid-Atlantic Media Prod on Vimeo.