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You might be able to make calls on jailbroken iPad 3G soon [Video]

Soon you might be able to make calls on your jailbroken iPad 3G, all thanks to iPhoneIslam. They have come out with a new hack called PhoneItiPad. It is reported that it might be in the Cydia App Store even before WWDC, which will be on 6 June 2011.

So how does it works? It works exactly like an iPhone, everything. So just imagine your iPhone now have a 9.7 inch screen and that’s what you will get with this hack. You can not only make phone calls, FaceTime, you can even SMS.  Pretty cool and I’m sure it comes in handy at times.

Check out the demo video of it:

T-Mobile “laugh” at AT&T and Verizon on their iPhone slowing their network

So what Ads can you air when your 2 competitors have gotten iPhones, the best selling smartphone ever. T-Mobile decided to air a ad that “laugh” at AT&T and Verizon. Laughing at them as their network is from bad to worse due to iPhone users usage.

So Verizon and AT&T are now holding iPhones, let’s see how long every other carriers start having them, and honestly by then iPhone might really dominate the market. In Singapore, where we have have iPhone in all the carriers, iPhone is really dominating the smartphone market.

But seems like T-Mobile won’t be getting iPhone anytime soon, so… enjoy their ad.

Skype for iOS now supports Video Calling over 3G!

Skype now supports video calling on iPhone via 3G or Wifi! This is should a good news, as we all have been waiting for this Skype update for months. Now you can not only Skype with your friends via Desktop/Laptop, you can now Skype your friends on your iPhone 4 anywhere under the sun!

Skype have now more than 521 millions users, this is as many users as Facebook! How amazing is this? So now you can Skype anywhere, to anyone! Be sure to download Skype on your iDevices today!

Check out the Video from Skype, announcing it to the whole world:

Why Jailbreak iPhone 4? You can FaceTime on 3G!

Earlier this week, Comex have released the new web-based jailbreak on the web. So what is the killer feature if you get your iPhone 4 jailbroken? FaceTime, you can now do FaceTime on 3G network and no longer need any WiFi Connection!

Steps to achieve it:

1) Jailbreak your iPhone 4 via

2) Download and upgrade to the latest Cydia package.

3) Open Cydia, Go to Manage then Sources.

4) Click Sources, Edit then add:

5) Search for “My3G” — download, and install it.

6) Go through the Rock setup process with a username and password. Open My3G and leave all settings on the default.

7) FaceTime should now work over 3G! — Make sure to “Forget” the WiFi network you are on (via iOS settings) if you want to test it.[9to5mac]

Skype 2.0 Update finally allows Voice Call over 3G Network!

We have been waiting for Skype to update their App for quite sometime, after Apple finally approved Voice Call over 3G Network, as we have seen Fring updated their App.

Finally Skype updated their App today to allow 3G Voice Calling over 3G! What a huge deal, as you can save tons of phone bills by Skype calling rather than native voice call, especially overseas ones. So don’t wait, update your Skype App to 2.0 today and don’t look back!

So what’s next for Skype? I am hoping for Video Call as the rumored next generation iPhone will have front-facing camera, and it is just common sense for Skype to do a update on it as Fring as usual have already made that move.

3G iPad battery life 1.5hours less than iPad on Wifi

Before the launch of iPad 3G, many have comment that iPad’s battery life is extremely good, better than promised by Apple. Thus more people are wondering if iPad 3G’s battery will last as well, as we all know 3G sucks battery life off every device in the world.

iLounge have done some prelimiary tests on the battery life of iPad Wifi and iPad 3G. Refreshing/Reloading the page with either Wifi on or 3G on. Seems like the results are reasonably close to what Apple have promised to be 10hours on Wifi, 9 hours on 3G:

Our prior iPad with Wi-Fi battery tests found that Apple was generally at least a little conservative in its estimates; for instance, we put the Wi-Fi model through a web torture test with repeated 1-minute refreshes of a large, completely loaded page for 10 hours and 21 minutes on 50% brightness over 802.11n. Repeating the exact same test on the Wi-Fi + 3G model with 3G turned on and Wi-Fi turned off, the iPad achieved 8 hours and 38 minutes of continuous reloading and displaying — 22 minutes shy of Apple’s estimate.

Note that in normal surfing, pages are not really refresh every 1 minute or so, so the results in real life surfing will be different, but we will have a rough gauge of the battery life. It is relatively impressive to get close to 9 hours of 3G surfing!