Multi-Touch Gaming demo on MacBook Pro

Multi-Touch Gaming might be coming to MacBook Pro?! The video shows a gaming prototype on MacBook Pro’s Touch Pad. No doubt it is as interactive as what we get from iPhone. Thus it might prove that Multi-touch gaming might be the next big thing.

As we all know iTablet/iSlate is coming out on 27th January 2010 Event. Thus multi-touch gaming will be the main focus on iTablet!

Cool yeah? I am sure gaming is enjoyable on iPhone, iTablet and MacBook  if it’s Multi-Touch!

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Square iPhone Payment System demo by Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose from introducing a brand new innovitve payment system built on top of iPhone as a iPhone App.

Square, you can bring it around with you, as a mobile credit card machine, where you can bill customer on the go, everywhere you go.

  • Just plug in the square device into your headphone jack.
  • Tap in the amount billable
  • Swap the card
  • Authorize and BILL!

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Last Apple Tablet Rumors round-up before Apple’s Event


We have heard and seen huge amount of Apple “Magical” Tablet rumors, and all will be coming to an end after Apple’s 27 January Event. No matter what device Apple is going to annouce on that day, I am sure it will be a very innovotive device.

But as we all have been hearing, Apple will be releasing its Tablet. Wall Street Journal have released news on Apple Tablet – It is stated it will be a device used by whole family, which can even recognize each individual faces.

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Kevin Rose – 5 changes on iPhone to remain dominant

Kevin Rose from mentioned in this video from youtube that iPhone need 5 changes to stay in competition with Google’s Android.

Although Apple’s iPhone has been most successful smartphone ever. But as more and more competitors enters Mobile business. iPhone really need some changes to keep its throne.

5 Changes are

  1. Faster and better App Approval Process(even if it costs for developer)
  2. App Store outside of Apple’s App Store (3rd Party App Store or Developer-self-host Apps)
  3. App that compete against Apple’s Apps like Safari, Mail and Calendar
  4. Limited Multi-tasking on iPhone (2-3 Apps running)
  5. End the exclusivity on AT&T

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Make Songs Using iPhone Voice Band

One of the most innovative iPhone Music App I have ever seen. This App is ideal for Music creator, but is also superb for normal music lover like us who wish to create our own version of songs.

Voice Band from WaveMachine Lab, it is like having a mobile band on with you, you can create music and songs as you go. Just by singing “bla ba ba” into your iPhone with selected intrustments, and you will be able to create your own music.

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