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Piolo iPhone 4 Stand Give Aways (Winners)

Piolo iPhone 4 Stand Winner

Hi All, as promised, we have selected the winners. So how do I go about selecting the winners? Yes, I have used the same method.

  1. Consolidate the list according to what colour you all wanted
  2. Rank the number according to when you posted comment/like on UsingApple’s Facebook Fan Page
  3. Generate Random number via and pick the winner
  4. Due to no one actually wanted Pink Piolo Stand, so I put everyone in the list excluding those who won Blue and Yellow Stand. (Yes, everyone stand a chance to win if you commented/Liked)

Ok, So the winners are:

Blue:  Teo Wen Hao
Yellow: Han Boon Wee
Pink: Han LowJumper Zhong Liang
I will contact them asap for their address and will send out the stands to them! 🙂 You can check out how I select them with the screen shots below:

Merry Christmas to all UsingApple Readers!

Hohoho, Merry Christmas to all’s Readers! Thanks for Supporting us for the past 1 year! Many thanks to all the iOS Developers, Case Manufacturer, Apple Accessories makers for supporting us and sending us your products for us to review. Hope all readers enjoy the coming holidays and have a eventful 2011 and stay Healthy!

Of course, don’t stop buying Apple Products! :X

UsingApple is back! We have shifted to new Webhost!

Hi Readers!

As you all have realised, was not stable, and it is down most of the time. We have finally moved to a new WebHost, and it seems to be fine now. We are catching up with all the reviews, news and tutorials.

Sorry about the unstability, we are glad that Exabytes is our new host!

Thank you for your support, and hope you  enjoy reading all the latest and cool Apple News! 🙂