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Apple $999 Macbook Refresh leaked in Vietnam

Apple’s $999 Macbook Refresh coming soon? A leaked video was recorded in Vietnam, showing us a CPU bump and graphics update.

It is identified as Macbook 7.1 which includes a faster 2.4GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo, and the new NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics with 256MB DDR3. There wasn’t much a update unlike what we have seen for Macbook Pro with I5 and i7 cores, but this is normally the update you will see for the entry level Macbook.

Check out the video below:

Insides of iPhone HD (4G)

Gizmodo have opened up the “lost” iPhone next Gen

What’s different in the new iPhone HD?

Everything! Looking at the photos, everything is different!!

iPhone 3GS’s inside:

We can see that in iPhone 3GS, a big logic board is main component, CPU is also mounted on the board.

Look at the dropped iPhone next gen, it is like a puzzle! Lots of broken-up parts and mostly sealed between steel plate. We can also see that the boards and part all are squeeze into smaller part and the only part which is larger is the battery.

We can conclude that Apple’s main push for the hardware is not only camera and flash, it is the battery life. Why? Multi-tasking! Multi-tasking is huge in iPhone OS 4.0. It will be draining the battery, no matter how good iPhone OS 4.0 is at handling multi-task. Thus a boost to iPhone’s battery will be huge.

Altthough, we can’t see the CPU chip inside the next gen iPhone, but I’m pretty sure it will be Apple’s custom-made chip. It might not be A4, but somewhat better than the existing ones.

The inside of iPhone next gen is virtually nothing but a big battery, just like the iPad. [Gizmodo]

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What’s New in iPhone 4G (Rumored)

After the big rumor news about the lost iPhone in bar, let’s find out exactly what is new in iPhone 4G(Rumored Set)

iPhone HD 4GNew Stuff:

  1. Flash! Can clearly seen above, 2 slots – 1 for camera 1 for flash!
  2. Improved back-camera (slot larger than 3GS – Possible 720p video?)
  3. Front Facing Camera as shown on photo below
  4. Micro-SIM like on iPad
  5. Improved Display ( resolution unknown yet)
  6. Possible secondary mic for noise cancellation as seen on Nexus One
  7. Split Buttons for volume (2 Round buttons)
  8. Power, Mute and volume buttons are all metallic

Changes on look and feel:

  • Aluminum border around case
  • slightly heavier(around 3 grams)
  • Squarish, unlike previous iPhone models
  • 16% larger battery (better battery life?)

Gizmodo reports on the feel of holding the rumored iPhone

Freaking amazing. As a person who never really liked the round mound of a back in the 3GS, the sleeker, flatter, squarer design is super welcome. It feels sturdier than the 3GS, and much less plasticky. The metal buttons give it a heftier feel—less of a toy—than all previous generations. The closest analog to it would be the original iPhone, which is more square and heavy than its newer brothers.

Seems like it is nicer than we though and definately “launched” earlier than we though. Hopefully the Apple employee who lose this iPhone prototype is not going to lose his job as mention by John Gruber from Daring fireball

So I called around, and I now believe this is an actual unit from Apple — a unit Apple is very interested in getting back.

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More leaked iPhone HD (4G) photos

Yesterday we posted the leaked photos of iPhone HD (4G), although lots of guys comment it looks fake and ugly. Today we have gotten more photos which is similar to the leaked photos.

Remember before iPad launch day, Engadget did posted a photo of the leaked iPad photo? We never did realise iPhone HD is just beside it!

We can clearly see the iPhone circled in red, it is not the iPhone we have seen before. It has aluminum type of material in between the black plastic/glass.

Macrumors also posted some photos from China, where you can see that the iPhone cases and body part are very similar to the photo we posted.

We can clearly see a slot for front-facing camera, so we can predict the next iPhone will have a camera infront for video chat!

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iPhone HD (4G) Leaked photos!

Rumors start flying after iPad is released. iPhone HD (4G) will be release around June, ever since the announcement of iPhone OS 4.0.Now we have leak photos of iPhone HD!

iPhone HD 4GEngadget has released iPhone HD (4G) leak photos! We have no way to tell if this will be the latest hardware as this iPhone was found on the floor of San Jose Bar. It can’t be boot up, but there is a front-facing camera and a 80-GB storage.

SaskTel CEO : New iPhone on June

We all know that iPhone refresh almost once per year. Apple announced iPhone OS 4.0. It is only logical that they release a new iPhone! And it is announced by SaskTel CEO!

CEO Robert Watson from Saskatchewan-based SaskTel said:

The good news is that (Apple) is coming out with a new version of the iPhone in the June time-frame and they’re going to put us on that. So we’re quite excited about that.

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iPhone HD (4G) rumored to be announce on June 22 2010

It is not surprising to see iPhone rumors as it is almost time for iPhone’s yearly refresh. Engadget reported that iPhone HD will be announced on June 22 2010! All this follow up stories are trigger by the Wall Street Journal burst out a “Breaking News”

Apple is developing a new iPhone to debut this summer and also appear to be working on another model for U.S. mobile phone operator Verizon Wireless.

Read more for the details about the up and coming rumored iPhone HD!

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iPad with camera?


I know it has been rumored for long time that iPad will be coming with camera, it make sense for it to come with camera. Or else you can’t video chat on skype. But sources have found photos of iPad’s frame which contains holes and they seems to be exist for one thing – camera!

So who knows next generation iPad might come with Camera?


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