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Another iPad Competitor? HP Slate Running Windows 7 Leaked [Video]

HP Slate leaked, it is another iPad Competitor like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, but running on Windows 7. I don’t know about you, but after watching this video, I finally decided, Windows 7 is not a OS you wanna run on Tablet or Slate device like iPad. It is totally not how it should be! Look at how slow, unresponsive the screen/slate is. HP even put in a button just to pop-out the on-screen keyboard.

Everything seems to be quite slow, and I feel that it is not optimize to run on Windows 7. Honestly, something is just wrong right? I feel like it is just a Netbook without keyboard, that’s all. I hope this is not the real HP Slate as it is really very disappointed.

Check out the HP Slate Leaked Video:

Apple might have bought facial recognition software company

Apple is rumored to have bought a Swedish company that do facial recognition with social media integration, Polar Rose. This company’s product Recongizr is one of the most impressive facial recognition social media software done on mobile platform.

Check out the video concept of Recogizr:

Impressive yeah? This is not only it, they actually have a working App! Although during the demo it seems to have detect the face slightly slower than how you would like to use. But it is a very cool first start! Imagine you can know the social media network just by pointing your mobile phone’s camera to the guy!

Check out the working demo of Recognizr:

iLife ’11 is coming soon?

All Mac users are waiting for iLife, it has been a long time since Apple updated their iLife Suite. iLife09 contains Garage Band, iWeb, iMovie, iPhoto and iDVD. It is one of the core apps that Mac users use, I use most of the apps in iLife and is loving it. But it have not been updated for almost 2 years, when it used to update almost yearly.

So are we seeing iLife 11 coming soon? Amazon gave us a hint, it is already selling iLife ’11 for unknown reason, but the shipping date seems to be in 2-4 weeks time.

Why is Apple doing Live Streaming for 1 September Media Event?

We know that Apple is going to stream their Media Event Live for the first time ever! This is something Apple have never done before, in the past Apple will only release videos of the event only 1 day after the event. But for the first time, Apple is going to live Stream tomorrow.

So what does it mean to us?

It means we don’t really have to follow live blogs. For the past, people around the world have to follow Blogs like Engadget, Gizmodo that Live Blogs during Apple Event. Now with Live Streaming, people around the world will have the first hand information through the stream. This is an excellence news to us.

But what is the hidden meaning?

Remember the Rumored iTV? Lots of rumors has been floating around saying that Apple is going to release a new Apple TV renaming it to iTV (Internet TV). It is reported to have Apple’s A4 Processor, No harddisk, might have a Flash Storage like Apple iPhone.

You might be asking why iTV is rumored to have just small storage, it is because Apple might be launching Streaming Movies and Shows! So it mean, you can just purchase movies, songs or MTVs and you can just stream from straight from Apple iTunes!

How can you best “show-off” this technology?

On the Media Event! Imagine Steve Jobs tells you half way into the Live Stream that this is how they are doing iTunes Live. This is how Movies will be stream, and Apple is already streaming HD Quality Videos to Millions of Viewers Live right now for the Event! This will be huge! Of course all this are just speculation.

Do check out for the live streaming at 10am Pacific Time 1st of September. It will be 1am in Singapore. You will be able to view the Live Stream with Safari on Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Apple Media Event Tomorrow 1st Sept!

Apple have confirmed a Media Event on 1st September in San Francisco held at Apple usual place Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10am Pacific Time.

It is rumored that Apple will be announcing new iPod Touch with Front Facing Camera so you can FaceTime with any iPhone 4 Users. A brand new $99 iTV, new iPod Nano and who knows white iPhone 4?

Stayed Tuned in for more news when Apple announce their new product tomorrow!

7 Inch iPad coming by Christmas?

Lots of Rumors on 7 Inch iPad coming us by Christmas, IDG News translated a new Economics Daily News Report claiming that a new 7 inch iPad will be launched by Christmas this year!

The Economic Daily reports that Taiwanese companies have won a number of component contracts for the iPad 2. Chimei Innolux will supply 7-inch LCD screens, which use the same IPS (in-plane switching) technology found in the original iPad, which improves viewing angles and color on LCD screens. Touchscreen technology for the screens will come from Cando Corporation, the report says.

Honestly, the only 2 reason why I think 7 inch might be better than the original 9.7 inch that it will be lighter and less expensive. One issue on iPad is weight, many complains that holding an iPad for prolong period really is quite tiring… So a smaller screen might reduce it’s weight.

Price is another huge issue, with kindle dropping its price, Apple need to lower its price to fight for low end market, thus smaller screen might be reducing the price¬†significantly¬†as iPad’s Screen is still one of the most expensive component.

Apple adds Email Support for FaceTime in iOS 4.1 Beta 3

Apple just released iOS 4.1 Beta 3 to developers, and we are seeing Apple adds email-based FaceTime support in new iOS 4. So in very near future, we can make FaceTime call with non-iPhone devices, for example iPod Touches or iPad.

It is rumored that the next Generation iPod Touch will come with Front-Facing Camera, thus FaceTime Function should be available in iPod Touch too.

Apple is expected to be releasing new generation of iPod Touch this fall, maybe together with new MacBook Air too?

iWork coming to iPhone and iPod Touches?

It is rumored that iWork is coming to iPhone and iPod Touch, it might not be the most interesting news in the world. But it is definitely a good news that we might have the option to edit the iWork document even on the go when we thought of something that we want to change. It is a really good to have App in our mobile computer device – iPhone.

iMovie for iPhone 4 Details Updates

We have heard from Steve Jobs that iMovie will be coming to iPhone 4, we also know that it will be one of the most powerful video editor on mobile device. iMovie can edit, trim, add still images into a iMovie Project, add themes and transitions, titles, music and more just on iPhone 4. Not only that, it can also export the video out with different quality up to 720p HD quality video.

But we have some questions we will like to know which are not answer in the keynote:

Is iMovie going to be available for iPhone 3GS? Can iPad run iMovie? Can iMovie for iPhone Projects be exported to iMovie on Mac so we can continue working on the video?

TidBITS have the answer for us:

  • iMovie for iPhone will require the iPhone 4, and will not be available for the iPhone 3GS. Handling video and creating real-time transitions needs the power of the iPhone 4’s A4 processor.
  • Although the iPad runs the A4 processor, the app won’t run on that device. I suspect the app is tailored to the iPhone 4’s higher-density screen, and therefore wouldn’t work within the iPad’s pixel-doubled compatibility mode. (I’d be very surprised if an iMovie for iPad version doesn’t appear at some point, possibly with the release of iOS 4 for the iPad in a few months.)
  • Projects edited on the iPhone cannot “currently” be transferred to iMovie on the Mac for further editing; projects stay on the phone. (The edited movies can be exported or synced to iTunes, however.)
  • Video clips can be recorded directly within iMovie for iPhone or come from the Camera Roll (clips previously shot using the phone’s built-in camera). Based on how the Camera Roll works, I suspect it may also be possible to work with clips you’ve shot elsewhere by emailing them from your computer to the iPhone, then saving the attachment to the Camera Roll. The clips would need to be properly formatted as H.264 videos (and without having the software or an iPhone 4 to test, I don’t know which specifications that entails).
  • iMovie for iPhone is scheduled to ship 24 June 2010 to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 4.

Without a doubt, iPhone 4 will be costing us $4.99 as announced, we think overall it will be a cool app to have, as you can edit your video, add some themes or transition before uploading to Youtube!

iWork Suit is coming to iPhone?

Apple rarely make mistake, but it seems like they are either careless this time or they just want to leak it out to everyone. In one of the recent Apple iPhone Mail Photo, this above photo was found having the option to export to keynote, which is one of the 3 Apps in the recent iPad iWork Suite.

If this iWorks is coming, I’m sure it will be selling like hot-cakes as iPhone is the only device we always carry around, quick edit of documents or keynote before we send off as attachment is sweet. [Engadget]