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Camera and Flash to be separated in iPhone 4S?

iPhone 4’s Camera is still one of the best in Mobile Phone market, no doubt the picture quality is the best. But one of the weakest point of the camera is the flash. Although Flash helped in night/dark photography on iPhone 4, but it almost always overexpose the picture or cause the photo to have a very white patch in the top area of the photo.

Thus the next iPhone, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 is rumored to have Camera and Flash separated, thus to reduce the overexposure and hopefully take better night photos. Below is a mock up of iPhone 4S with Camera and Flash separated by

This is how my next iPhone looks like? [Picture]

This is my next iPhone 5?

You might be new to thisismynext, but no, they are actually started up by previous Engadget team, Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miler and more. I’m kind of a fan of them, and this is their new temporary home. Put that aside for now, they have came out with the above iPhone 5 mock-up based on some source which they think is quite reliable.

Yes, it might be a totally new design, below are the summarize points:

  • Totally New Design, or not…: iPhone 4 have gotten quite a few bad comments on antenna and easily broken glass. So we might not be surprise Apple might wanna do a redesign of it.. But if you look closely at the mock-up, it looks very similar to iPod Touch’s design… So are we getting a similar to iPod Touch iPhone 5?
  • Gesture Sensitive Home Button: It is reported that Home Button will be bigger and will take in gestures, this is really quite new… I’m not really sure what kind of gestures it might understand. Swiping? Pushing? Holding on? Who knows?
  • No Bezel: I’m quite surprise bezel is removed! It means that Apple’s manufacturing technology is very high, else it might be very hard for them to achieve.
  • Larger Screen: Of course, without the bezel, we will be getting a larger screen at 3.7inch.
  • Inductive Charging: Honestly, I doubt this, inductive charging are not very environmental friendly. It wastes quite alot of extra energy to charge the same iPhone, so I doubt it as Apple is always looking at how green can they go.
  • Hidden earpiece & mouthpiece: Both of it are behind the glass, and not visible, given it’s Apple it is highly possible. I like it.
  • NFC: Maybe or may not come
  • Global radio Chips: Supports both CDMA and GSM

How do you think about the next iPhone you are getting? I think it is not bad in hardware design, how I’m more interested in seeing what we will be getting on iOS 5. Hope to get something totally new.

What we will see in iMac 2011? [Prediction]

It is almost time of the year for Apple to refresh their iMac line. So what will we see in the iMac 2011 line?

Some prediction by me:

  • Sandy Bridge CPU for all iMacs
  • i5 for iMac 21.5 inch, i7 default for 27″
  • 8gb ram default for 27 inch iMac
  • 1TB HDD for 21.5inch and 2TB HDD for 27″ iMac as default
  • Better Graphics, might even be nVidia
  • Higher resolution of screen
  • HD FaceTime Camera
  • Thunderbolt for all iMac

Anything else that I have missed out? I really hope SSD to be in 27″ as default, but I highly doubt so.

64gb White iPhone 4 Leaked! iOS 5, Expose and Facebook Integration! [Video]

64Gb White iPhone 4’s videos are leaked once again from Vietnam! What’s interesting is that it is not just iPhone 4 in white, but it is actually running on a prototype iOS 5.

So what is new in iOS 5?

  • New Task switching screen which look very similar to Mac’s Expose
  • New Folder UI, when you create folder, it is now full screen(Which I don’t really like)
  • Spotlight search in the tasking switching expose screen
  • Facebook Integration, if you look closely at the 2nd video, there is a Facebook setting.

Check out the leaked videos:

iPhone 5 will come with 64 GB

If the above iPhone 5 is the up and coming iPhone 5, then we will be seeing 64GB in iPhone 5! Finally! iPod Touch and iPad has been having 64GB of Storage for quite some time, so finally we will be getting 64GB on iPhone 5.

Do you really need 64GB?

Before my 32GB iPhone 4, I was holding on to a 16GB iPhone 3G, and I though why will I need 32GB? But after having 32GB in our iPhone 4… I feel that I don’t have enough space!! It might be due to the quality of the video and photos iPhone 4 can take. Plus the growing numbers of very well-produced podcast and iTunes U videos!

So if you ask me if you need an 64GB iPhone 5? Ask yourselves if you watch movie or podcast on your iPhone, if you do… 64Gb won’t be a bad choice!

Difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4?

By the way, you will realise one difference in the iPhone 5, there are no more silver ring around the back camera lens, but everything else seems to be almost the same from the video.

Check out the below video on the rumored iPhone 5:

Is iPhone 5 getting Aluminum backing?

Is Apple iPhone 5 going to get an Aluminum Backing?

Aluminum Backing for iPhone 5?

This mock up looks like iPhone 3GS with Aluminum backing? So will iPhone’s design go back to iPhone 3GS-like? To be honest, I don’t think so, at least not for iPhone 5. I don’t think Apple will change their design so soon, but who knows? iPad 2 have a changed in design although iPad is only out for 1 year.

Why Apple might not go back to Glass backing like iPhone 4?

  1. Remember our legendary White iPhone 4? Due to the white backing, iPhone 4 have light leaks and flash issue
  2. Glassgate – some iPhone 4 users dropped their phone and cracked the backing as the back of iPhone 4 is not as strong as the screen. Results shows that iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G are more durable than iPhone 4
  3. Unified Looks for all Apple Product – Apple Macbook Pro, iPads and iPod Touch all have aluminum backing or full-body, thus it will be a more unified look for iPhone to have it too?

No one knows for sure what we will be getting for iPhone 5, so let’s wait and see!

Apple Event 2 March: iPad 2, MobileMe and more?

Today is the Apple Event, which will be held at 10AM PST, which will be 2AM Singapore Time. So what will us be seeing today as mentioned by Apple asking us to come see what they have for us for 2011.

iPad 2

Of course we will be seeing a refresh of iPad. Most likely iPad 2 will be equipped with 2 camera, front and back. Faster processor and more RAM and more Flash Memory. iPad 2 should be thinner and lighter, and maybe better screen.


Apple has been building this super huge data center, which we still don’t know what will they do. Rumors are either MobileMe free for all iPhone and Mac users? Or maybe we will get iTunes Cloud or some new?

Mac OS X Lion

More preview for Mac OS Lion, lots of reviews of Mac OS Lion has been floating around. Thus I’m sure Apple will want to show those features themselves. We might be seeing iWork 2011 or maybe even iWork moving onto Cloud.

iPhone 5

June should be the refresh for iPhone 5, so we might be seeing some early preview or announcements of iPhone 5 or even a new version of iOS?


Last but not the least, iMac refresh is almost on the way, thus we might be seeing the new iMac.

Stay tuned with us as we report you to the latest news on Apple’s Event today. We will be blogging a summary of the event.

Macbook Pro 2011 Specification Leaked!

Fscklog posted a image of what we think might be the Macbook Pro 2011 13 Inch Model Specification! Seems like it will be a usual refresh with some new technology as predicted in our previous blog post! Below are the details:

  • 2.3 GHZ Sandy Bridge Dual Core Intel Core i5 Processor with 3MB L3 Cache
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 320GB Hard disk (disappointed that is no SSD, but it should be available as an add on option)
  • 13.3-inch LED backlit display with a 1280×800 pixel resolution.
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384MB RAM
  • FaceTime HD Camera
  • 8X Superdrive
  • Thunderbolt (Which we suspect should be Light Peak Technology which Apple has been working on for quite some time)
  • SDXC SD Card Slot which seems to be able to support up to 2TB of Storage

We have gotten some of the main upgrades correct in our previous Macbook Pro 2011 Predication, but we didn’t expect Light Peak or Thunderbolt to be out so soon and the new SDXC SD Card slot which supports card storage up to 2TB. This 2 were out of our exceptions, but I’m pretty disappointed we ain’t getting any SSD as a standard package for the 13 inch model. Although we have no idea if 15 or 17 inch MBP will be getting SSD as its standard setup.

We have seen in Macbook Air that SSD really boost the notebook performance even from a low powered processor in the MBA. Really hope it will be included.

Although we can’t be sure that Thunderbolt is Light Peak, but it seems to be as seen in the picture above. Light Peak are a high speed IO technology which can transfer data at a very high speed of 1-10Gbps! Very cool technology but I’m sure it will take some time to gain popularity.

Another interesting technology is FaceTime HD which means that Macbook Pro users can now FaceTime at HD quality to fellow iPhone and iPod Touch and the future iPad 2.

Stay Tuned with us for more Macbook Pro 2011 details!

iPad 2 smaller, thinner and lighter? [Video]

We have heard many many rumors on iPad 2 will be smaller and thinner. M.I.C Gadget gotten a leather iPad 2 case which has been reported that it was tested with a real iPad 2. The case seems to be housing a smaller and thinner iPad rather than the current iPad.

I know it is stupid to say anything against it now, but I feel that the next iPad might be having the same size. Apple usually keep their product with the same size and shape for at least 2 refreshes. We see that with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Macbook Pros. Thus we might be getting the same old iPad size for iPad 2.

iPad 3 is rumored to come to us by Fall of 2011, so this case might be for iPad 3? I mean I’m just guessing, who knows? Haha! Anyway check out the video of it below:

What we might get in Macbook Pro 2011

What can we see in the up and coming Macbook Pro 2011 refresh?

  • Processor Upgrades – Sandy Bridge is on the way to Macbook Pro 2011, definitely will be seeing it when it refreshes.
  • Liquid Metal Body – Apple has been using Macbook Pro’s Aluminum Full Body for about 3 years, and they have been trying to test out Liquid Metal technology, and have used it to produce the Metal Piece Pin comes with your iPhone which is use to push out your SIM Card out from iPhone.
  • Better Battery Life – What else is more important than having good battery life? Everyone wants their laptop’s battery life to be as good as iPad. It is rumored that Macbook Pro 2011’s Battery life will increase by 2 hours, which will be 12 hours!
  • Better WiFi Coverage – As Aluminum is actually blocking some percentage of the Wifi signal, having a liquid metal body will strengthen Wifi Signal
  • Better FaceTime Camera – Apple hasn’t been updating their iSight camera, and because of FaceTime on iPhone, iPod Touch and soon to be iPad, Macbook Pro 2011 might be the first to get their first FaceTime Camera upgrade with larger megapixel, who knows we might get HD quality FaceTime Camera
  • SSD Option – Apple might slowly phase out Optical Drive, and might replace them with SSD drive as an additional HDD. It is not new that people actually remove their optical drive on their MBP and replace with a SSD, so Apple might take that idea up just like Mac Mini Server which they removed Optical Drive for a extra Harddisk
  • Better heat control – This is actually my wishlist, Apple’s Macbook Pro are really too HOT to be on your lap, although Apple’s reply is MBP is not a laptop but a notebook. But at times, you really need to put them on your lap. So I hope Apple can have better heat controls
  • Cheaper Macbook Pro – It is rumored heavily that Macbook Pro 2011’s price point will drop by 100-200 dollars. Who don’t wish to pay less for more?

That rounds up my prediction for Macbook Pro refresh for 2011 which it rumored to be on March! What do you think? Leave us a comment or tweet to us @usingapple