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Radium: The Simplest and Easiest to use Internet Radio

If you want to listen to Radio, and you want to listen Internet Radio from your Mac, you will need Radium! Radium by far is what we feel as the simplest and easiest to use Internet Radio Application.

Most of the time, we get our radio fix from website of Radio Stations like Class 95FM, but it is always a pain to bookmark radio station, and switching from webpages to webpages when you wish to change channels. I was different once I got hold of Radium from Catpigstudio.

After installation, Radium sits quietly on your Menu Bar, and is always accessible to you.

When you Click on Radium’s Icon on Menu Bar, you will be able to see  a few options, like Add all Channels, Add Channels Manually, Import Channel From Stream URL and Quit.

As the options have suggested, you can add all the channels in Radium’s Network List, or you can add channel manually or if you know the Stream URL, you can add it in if it is not found on Radium’s Network List already.

As you might have notice, Radium’s Menu is very simple, so how do I select my preference and settings? You can access the Settings by clicking on the gear icon beside Radium’s Search Bar. From there you can select bandwidth’s quality or go to preference where you will have more settings you can adjust.

In the General Preference Tab, you can select options like last-played channel on startup/wake, which I think is a very neat feature, because I will always have my favorite channel playing when I boot up my mac in the morning! Not only that, you can also use Apple’s Shortcut/Multimedia Keys to access Radium.

One of the neatest feature that Radium have is the large collection of Internet Radio Network List! I’m sure lots of effort was spent in collecting this list of network, so users can just find their stations out of the box. It is quite a complex list, so try searching, you will be surprise your radio station might already be in there.

If your radio station is not in there, you can also add it manually in Radium, go to ‘Radium Preference‘, then to ‘Radio Network‘, click on the ‘+‘ icon. You will be prompt with the screen below where you can add your station’s information!

Adding Network is easy, but actually going to find your Radio Station Information is very difficult. But luckily Radium’s Network List is quite comprehensive.

Overall I feel Radium is really a very easy to use app for listening to internet radio, you just have to install and start listening without changing much settings or spend time finding your favorite radio station’s details. Radium’s Spotlight search is very useful, if you like switching from channels to channels.

Start enjoy the experience of listening to internet radio with radium for $16, you can find Radium here.  Oh ya! Radium is having a promotion at mupromo where you can get Radium 15% off @ 13.60, so check out MuPromo.

Windows Live Messenger Finally come to iPhone!

Microsoft finally bring Windows Live Messenger to iPhone after soooo long. iPhone users has been using lots of other chat clients like meebo, frings or even ebuddy to chat on live messenger.

Windows Live Messenger iPhone App is free and can be downloaded here! Users will be able to chat with friends from Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, although only 2 services are quite limited as many Apps allows multiple chat services.

There is this Social Tab, where you will be able to see your friends sharing on Flickr, YouTube, mySpace or even Facebook, reminds us of the Service we have seen in Windows 7 Phone.

I’m not really a fan of the App, so I will still be using back other IM Apps like Meebo that I have been using for years, and they are serving me well, especially when I can connect to not only Windows Live Messengers, and also to GTalk and Skype!

iWebCamera – Use your iPhone as your Web Camera, move around with ease

One common problem we have last time in PC is that they don’t come with Web Camera, and we need to purchase them. Nowadays most Laptop/Macs comes with built-in WebCam, but they are normally unable to move and shift. Thus you will be shifting your laptop/macbook if you need it to point to another direction.

iWebCamera now allow you to stream video capture from your iPhone to your PC as a WebCam! Now you can point to anywhere you wish to film with ease and without the problem of shifting your laptop as a whole!

Some of their feature:

● Turn your iPhone into a real wireless webcamera.
● Two quality options.
● Instant-Pause mode, stop streaming instantly and resume whenever you want without exiting your host application.
● Plug and Play ready, install the Windows drivers and you are ready to go!
● Built-in manual. (Also available on the iWebcamera homepage)
● Beautiful User interface fully translated in English and German.
● Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Do note that they only support Windows Machine now, and it is just plain misleading that they film the ads which a Macbook Pro but it is running Windows.

iWebCamera is available in App Store now at a promotional price @ $4.99

Pulse the most beautiful iPad NewsReader App

We have seen alot of News Reader Apps around, but nothing like what the 2 Stanford Alums Ashkay Kothari and Ankit Gupta has created, Pulse. It is the most beautiful, gorgeous iPad NewsReader we have seen so far. But it is not only pretty, it is also useful, it makes RSS, Atom feeds search/add as easy as a google search!

Ankit Gupta said:

A lot of people we talked to were really confused about RSS and Atom and the whole vocabulary around news aggregators. We have thrown all those terms away, and made it as easy as Google search. You enter some keywords, Pulse gives you top results and you can pick the source you want to follow

This App is very cool and nice but there is a 20 feed limitation, thus if you wish to add all the feeds that you already have in your google reader, it is currently impossible, but if you just wish to read your favourite 20 top feeds, this is definitely a App you don’t wanna miss!

Pulse is available in App Store now @ $3.99

iReview: Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeves for iPad

Fabrix Cases sent their newest Magic Sleeve for Apple iPad for UsingApple to review! We think that Fabrix Magic Sleeve for iPad is really quite cool, It is built to the precise dimension of the iPad for both Wifi and 3G model. What we like about this case is that it is made of soft cotton material which is very comfortable to hold on, and extremely light compare to most cases available.

It slip just right in and it will be held with a inner “pillow flap” which will prevent your iPad from slipping out of the case. As it is sleeve, lined with soft cushion padding, it will not only protect scratches for the back and the screen, it can also protect for slight bump! Due to the sleeve design, the screen is kept clean and you might even be able to “wipe some oil” from your iPad screen when you slip in and take out of the sleeve! Haha!

Overall we feel that this sleeve is very cool, it protects the iPad quite well and it comes with different colour and design which we love!

Fabrix Cases sent the iPad Sleeve to us in a very nice package which is a nice surprise!

Magic Sleeve for Apple iPad is priced at USD$32.90, and which each purchase you will be given $10 discount of iPod Cases, remember to key in coupon code “bundlejoy”!

To thank our Singapore Readers, Fabrix Cases have decided to give our Singapore Reader 1 free Magic Sleeve for iPad(the one that we reviewed). All you need to do is to leave us a comment on this post! We will pick a lucky reader, so please leave your email address when u comment, we will be contacting the lucky winner!

We have randomly picked our Lucky Reader Justine! Check out the youtube video on how we picked ( We have contacted him, and will be sending to him the Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeve for iPad soon! 🙂

Do join Fabrix Case’s Facebook Fan page and UsingApple’s Facebook Fan Page too!

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Note: This is not a paid review, we are giving away our review item too.

iReview – Miro Video Converter

I always have problem when I want to convert video from 1 format to another, especially when format not supported by iTunes or Handbrake, format like RMVB. I found a converter that do convert rmvb to mp4, and its FREE

Miro Video Converter is newly launched, Free and open-source. It runs on both Mac and Windows. It is based on FFMPEG thus it supports tons of formats.

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