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WorldCard Mobile – You will never need to keep business cards anymore

I don’t know about you guys, but I personally hate business cards. Why? Because I can never seem to find them when I need them and typing in email address and phone number to my phone is always a task that I hate. If you guys hate carrying business name cards that your clients have given you, then you will need WorldCard Mobile

Very accurate and quick

I have given it a try and I found it surprisingly  accurate! I have tested on 2 business name cards that I have got from my clients (I worked as a Business Intelligence Consultant as my day job) and both of the cards are recognized and stored into my contacts with no errors.

It is pretty easy to use, just open up the app, tap on camera button, take a picture of the name card and let it recognize the text on the card. WorldCard Mobile for iPhone is pretty smart, it will recognize name, emails, phone numbers, address, company and department with no issue. Very very useful for lazy people like me who always don’t key in the full information and regret later on.

If you are worried that the app’s recognition  might not be prefect (I agree that nothing is perfect), WorldCard Mobile have a Card holder area in the app, where all the Name Cards that you have scanned will be kept there, with the picture taken. Thus even if the recognition software might have mistake, you will at least still have the picture of the name card available.

Overall feeling of WorldCard Mobile

I love this app, to be able to snap a photo of the name card, and let the app the do rest, is awesome for me. The app is pretty accurate and make little mistake. Thus I will highly recommend this app for all who always get name cards during meetings but always misplace them. If you have tons of name cards, you will be able to enter all of them into this app in no time.

The only factor I dislike about this app is the price. It is $6.99, slightly steep from my point of view, but overall a very useful app even for this price point.

Check WorldCard Mobile at the Apple’s App Store now! 






iPhone 4S Camera Review by DigitalRev [Video]

iPhone 4S Camera Review

One of the biggest upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S is the camera. Apple really focus on making the camera in their new iPhone better and better. iPhone 4’s camera is already one of the best camera in smartphone market, it is almost as good as some low end point and shoot camera.

So what’s new in iPhone 4S’s Camera?

  • 8-megapixel Camera
  • Face Detection in Still images
  • Better low light performance
  • Focus Lock
  • HD Video Recording 1080p up to 30 Frames per second with audio
  • Video Stabilization

Why iPhone is killing Point and Shoot Camera?

The improvements in iPhone 4S camera really makes it able to match with mid range Point-and-Shoot Cameras, with Video Stabilization, it makes the Video taken much smoother. But what makes iPhone 4 and the new iPhone 4S camera best is the simple to use interface and the connectivity to the world.
With iPhone, you can upload and share the photo you just took to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,Flickr and even your blog. This is the killer feature of iPhone as no PnS or DSLR camera can really do it yet.
Question: What is the best Camera you can get? 

Answer: The one that is always with you.

Yup, if the above, if you are using iPhone, this also means that you have a relatively good camera in your pocket which is always with you! So many moments are capture on iPhone Camera because it is always with you.
Let’s Check out DigitalRev’s review of Apple’s iPhone 4S:

Piolo iPhone 4 Stand Give Away (Singapore)

Remember Piolo? Piolo is an iPhone 4 stand which you can use to prop up your iPhone in landscape and also portrait. This is especially useful when you are on a plane or at your desk and tries to watch a movie.

Piolo guys has been very kind, and they have sent to us to review. So first look of Piolo iPhone 4 stand that it is very light and easy to bring around with. It don’t use up much space, so it won’t be a problem bring it around. But one issue that I encounter is that Piolo fit to your iPhone 4 so well that, if you are using a case for your iPhone, you don’t support it that well. It is kind of the down side, but every other thing works very well.

Giveaways! 3 of them!

Of course we will be giving it out the remaining 3 unopened Piolo iPhone 4 Stand to readers staying in Singapore! Just like our UsingApple Facebook Fan Page, and leave a comment to us which colour you want. We have Pink, Blue and Yellow to be chosen. We will select the winners on 4th of September 2011, winners will be notified via Facebook.

Targus iPad 2 Rotating Case

Targus iPad 2 Rotating Case/Stand

Targus came out with quite a innovative iPad 2 Case, which allow you to hold up your iPad 2 not just in Landscape mode, but also in Portrait mode. This is something that we have not seen much on other available case for iPad 2.

But why Portrait? I’m thinking there are a few use cases that might be very useful in portrait mode. For example if you doing cooking, and your Cook Book PDF is in Portrait, it is easy to read if your iPad 2 is standing up in a portrait mode. How about drawing a portrait drawing?  Equally useful.

Expensive, but Flexible

Of course the best thing is Targus’s Rotating iPad 2 Case, can be used in both mode, thus you gain the flexibilty in using your beloved iPad 2. So what’s bad? What I feel is the price tag, at SGD$99.90, it is quite a expensive iPad case.If it cheaper, I will definitely recommend this iPad 2 Case due to the flexibility.

Product Specifications

Targus® 360° Rotating Stand & Case for iPad®2 (THZ045AP)

Interior Dimensions: 24.1 x 0.9 x 18.6 cm

Weight: 1 llb

If you are interested in getting this iPad 2 case, you can Targus Boutique at Funan Center, or many other Apple resellers in Singapore. Visit Targus for more information.

Piolo – an useful mini stand for your iPhone 4!

Useful Mini Stand for your iPhone 4

How many times you wish your iPhone 4 have a stand which can hold it in the position you enjoy as you are watching your movie? How many times your hands feel so tired after watching a movie on your iPhone in plane? Finally we have a very useful and easy to carry around stand – Piolo.


Piolo is a handy little gadget exactly for it! Weighing just 3.1 grams, it is small, thin and can fit on your keyring or carry around in your pocket. Pretty cool har? What’s even better is the price, you buy any of them with just £4.00 and shipping around the world just £0.80. I love the shipping price, as alot of nice little gadget cost less than $10, but the shipping price itself is another $10!

If you are interested, you can grab Piolo here for just £4.80.

Smartr – Makes your Twitter feed into smart News Feed!

I’m sure lots of people you follow in your twitter feeds are sharing very useful tips, website or blogs. So what if you can actually view all this useful websites in summarized format together with pictures and the person who shared it? Isn’t it going to be a very useful and interesting “twitter news” feed?

Smartr is the iOS App that can do it. It serves up very attractive and summarized feed from your twitter following list. So when your friends share any new blog post, or interesting website, it will automatically appear in the stream of Smartr.

So see how it works, check out this demo video:

Cool right? It is totally free! So what are you waiting for? Download it in the App Store now!

djay for iPad – Very very cool iPad App

You want to know what kind of App you run on iPad will make the whole world jealous, djay for iPad is the App! It is a very cool looking Disc Jockey App which allows you to do DJ stuff with just your iPad and your iTunes library. Cool yeah? It is quite full featured with easy to access controls.

So if you are interested to see and experience how DJing feels like, you can get djay for iPad at $19.99 in the App Store

Do check out the video fo djay in action, and the features:

iReview: Fruit Blast

MEDL Mobile have recently invited me to do a review of Fruit Blast, a app built by a father and son. It seems to be pretty interesting as father now build apps with kids rather than lego or treehouse. It is really amazing how our world have evolved and changed!

Fruit Blast have a very interesting concept, by using Apple iOS’s accelerometer to  detect your aiming let you fire off weapons to “destroy” fruits that are throw at you by a monkey! It is pretty difficult to aim at first, but after a few rounds it is quite fun. I would say that the start up screen is abit confusing, so I’m not sure how to start playing the game, but after awhile you will understand what you need to do to play. They have in app purchasing system, where you can actually buy more seeds to upgrade your weapons so you can destroy the fruits easier and faster!

Check out the demo video of Fruit Blast:

Download Fruit Blast from App Store now at $0.99

Infinity Blade – The most stunning graphics for iOS devices

Epic Games after much anticipation finally release their stunning graphics game, Infinity Blade. The game is base on Epic’s “unreal engine” technology which was showcased during the previous Apple event. I would say that the graphics are really very impressive, but if the storyline can be longer or better, it will be one of the must epic games around in iOS devices. But we see the potential on how good graphics can be on mobile devices and at this kind of price range.

You can download Infinity Blade in App Store now for $6.99

Check out the below demo video of Infinity Blade:

Make Free Call Worldwide on your iPhone with Viber now!

I’m sure most of you iPhone users have been using WhatApp as your replacement for SMS, as it free, and you can send text to your friends regardless where, and only use up your data usage, now you can call your friends worldwide and just use data! This is one of the coolest iPhone App launch in recent days! I have to say it is much better than Skype, as not all your friends have a skype account, and Skype App on iPhone drain battery when it runs in the background.

Viber is different, there ain’t much you need to do, just download the app, enter your phone number, receive a sms from them, key in the pass code and you can start calling your friends for free!

Please note that as it is using internet(VOIP), thus you will need at least have a data plan, or connect to WiFi to make calls. Check out the video below and you will know how cool it really is!

Viber is free and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store