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Strip and Assemble iPad within 4 minutes!

We have seen the insides of iPad, honestly it is just a huge screen with huge battery ( thus the best battery life we have seen from device).

Now TechRestore manage to strip and assemble iPad in the video with ease, and very good stop-motion video too.

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How are you carrying your iPad with you?

Here are some suggestions, although I don’t think you will be following them!

How are you carrying your iPad with you? Many will mostly put in their normal carrying bag, will you buy a bag just for iPad? Leave a comment on the post to share with us.

Smash iPad with baseball bat? [video]

Lots of people buy iPad because they want to use it at home, use it while watching TV. Use iPad while preparing dinner or even in toilet. But apparently, this guy in this video, bought iPad just to smash it into pieces!

It is either he is a Apple hater or he just have too much money to spend! If so, why not sponsor us the iPad?! Haha. Please send your details if you are interested in sending us 1. Thanks!

Everything on News right now are all iPad!

Even Stephen Colbert love his iPad. Colbert first publicly shown off his iPad during Grammys, using iPad to announce the “Song of The Year” award. Now he also talked iPad on his show. Makes me wonder if Apple is paying so many of them, or they just love iPad?

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Stephen Gets a Free iPad
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Flow chart to check if you will drop and shatter your iPad

iPad’s screen is huge, 9.7 inch to be exact. To use iPad, you got to hold it in your hands, and because of it’s size, is easy to drop. Due to it’s size, the screen is more likely to shatter if you drop from high places. Will you drop it? Will you shatter your iPad screen? Follow the flow chart to check!


How to spot an iPad user?

iPad ain’t so small that you can put in your pocket, but it ain’t that big that you have to put in your bag. So how do you spot iPad users who are not carrying it in their bag?

So when are we getting built-for-iPad-coat or built-just-for-your-ipad-pants in the future? To be honest, I think it is a huge market! Don’t wait, sew your version of it now! [Gizmodo]