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Get A Mac Tribute as Apple puts an end to it

Its a pity that Apple is ending Get a Mac Ads Series, they are mostly very interesting and fun to watch. I’m sure they are one of the few creative ads we have seen around. But nevertheless, things got their lifecycle and we are sad that it is ending for Get a Mac.

But OneMoreThing’s have put together a tribute video for Get a Mac series and recap all the ads that they have shot.

One and only iPhone App that help you save money

So what is this iPhone App about? It is bring Chinese Tradition of buying Hell Money to the dead to iPhone. So how does it help you save money?

You just have to buy the App at USD$0.99 once, and you can wire Hell Bank money to the deads! How cool is it?

PS: This is just a fun App, don’t treat it too seriously ok?

iPhone HD 4G in White

Apple fans are very creative, they have rendered White iPhone HD/4G even before anyone has confirm there is a full White body for next generation iPhone. This is all driven by the rumored leak photos from yesterday’s post.

ispazio rendered a set of very cool realistic 3D picture of iPhone HD with full white body.

How do you like the new Full White body iPhone? It looks very cool, but personally I prefer the black ones. Leave a comment and tell us, if you like the full white or just white for the back like 3G or 3GS

Live Video Blimp controlled by iPad

So what you can do with iPad? Not just surfing the web, watch video, listen to music or play Plants vs Zombies. You can also write your own program and fly Blimp live streaming video from the camera attached to it. No? That’s what guys from BreakfastNY did.

Here’s their comment on it:

This year’s Design Week after-party featured a silent auction of 23 KidRobot Munny characters created by the world’s top industrial designers. To show off these creations to the thousand guests, we flew a 52″ camera-enabled blimp over their heads. The blimp (a modified BlimpDuino) was controlled by an iPad which was receiving the live video-feed from the cockpit. When guests looked up, they watched as their faces were transformed into those of the Munny characters up for auction. The feed also went up on a big screen at the event and the event’s site allowing everyone to get in on the action.

Don’t forget to check out their video and how they party with the flying blimp:

iPhone HD 4G Ads – Just for fun

No, iPhone HD or iPhone 4G has yet to be launch, not even officially announced by Apple. But Apple’s next generation iPhone already have its own Ads! What more, it even makes coffee!

Check out the fan-made ads:

100 years old woman love her iPad

This 100 years old woman in Virgina of Oregon bought her first computer in her life – an iPad.

She is not just enjoying her experience, she actually found reading and writing on iPad much easier due to her glucoma-suffering. In fact, she finished 2 ebooks and 12 limericks. Now she named herself technical-ninny, and one of her limerick can be found in the end of the video.

Playing Piano in Concert with iPad!

Previously, we post about 5 things iPad will do better than PC or Mac, there’s another thing now. Impress your Concert audience by playing piano – on a iPad!

This concert is on 4/19 at san francisco davies symphony hall — he walked out on stage with an iPad for his first (out of three) encores to play this.

iPad Nano to be launch!

We all love iPad, it is just a very cool device, but we have issue when we want to carry it around. It is slightly too big. Thus Apple is going to release a new iPad! iPad Nano!

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