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iPad, iPhone, updating of Twitter & Facebook during Wedding?

First ever iPad Wedding? We have seen couple wedded in Apple Store, Tallest Married Couple in Apple Store, now we have the first ever iPad Wedding.

I think both the bridegroom and his celebrant are Apple fan boys and techies, as they not only used iPad and iPhone they even make updating Facebook and Twitter as a must-do in his wedding. Haha, something we have not really seen before.

It is just something you will never see, fan boys of any other brand of product making it part of their wedding, no windows or android wedding right? It is just so cool that they do it.

Check out his video:

iPhone 4 Screen Strong, but still Shattered upon drop

Apple claimed that iPhone 4’s aluminosilcate glass for front and back are “chemically strengthened to be 30 times harder than plastic, more scratch resistant and durable than ever”. Yes, it might be harder and more durable, but glass is still glass afterall? We have all seen video on how scratch resistant iPhone 3GS screen is, so we ain’t worry if we put keys and coins together with our iPhones when we go out, but what normally kill the screen is a drop.

iFixYouri tried proving to us that no matter how strong a glass screen is, its natural behavior still remain the same, shatter! They drop iPhone 4 from a 3 and a half feet above ground level, which is around the height where most people will drop that phones. iPhone 4’s Screen gave way on the 3rd attempt, and the result is what you have seen above, shattered.

What worry us is that now iPhone 4 is both glass front and back, the possibility of shattering any of the glass screen is doubled, so iPhone 4 users, please take care of your iPhone and try not to drop them? Do note that the test is conduct with iPhone 4, before they have been launch, thus we ain’t sure how iFixYouri got hold of one of them, and we are not sure if the screen they test with is going to be the “REAL” iPhone 4 screen. But I’m sure someone will try doing the test once iPhone 4 is launch in US by June 24! [iFixYouri]

iPhone HD/4G Clone out in Market even before Official Launch

Sometimes you just need to be impressed by how fast China Clones can be produce so fast, and you also need to be impress how successful is Apple. Even before the Official announcement or launch of iPhone 4G/HD, China already clone out a iPhone 4G/HD and will be selling out in their market.

How do you know your product is successful? When company make clone/lookalike of your product, Apple is so successful that clones are in market even before releasing the product! Haha!

This China iPhone knock-off is called GPS iPhone, and it looks pretty close to the leaked photos we saw from Gizmodo and Vietnam, except for the long TV Antenna. So before you think it is the leaked iPhone, look twice before buying! [CultofMac]

Multi-Touch Apple Remote for AppleTV

MacPredictions have came out very nice looking concept of how multi-touch Apple remote for Apple TV will look like, and it is gorgeously nice!

It is previously rumored that Apple will be coming out iPhone-size AppleTV which will have A4 Chip, 16GB Storage and all iTunes Content can be stream from cloud. Base on that MacPrediction did a very nice concept art of how new remote will look like with reference to the magic mouse that Apple released last year.

I’m sure mutli-touch remote will interact better with Apple TV than just buttons if next generation Apple TV is build like a iPhone, which icons, docks and Apps. Users can be playing games even from the remote itself, ain’t that just cool? Let’s hope that Apple will be releasing something like what we have seen!

Do and Create Magic with iPad

We have seen what people do with their iPad, watch videos, check emails, write documents, tweet, chat, skype, play games. But have you wonder what else can you do with it? Salary Magician thought differently, he created magic with iPad.

It is surprising how fast he managed to make and create magic out of iPad so soon as iPad only started selling in Japan less than a week or so! I’m sure more and more innovative ways of using your iPad will be coming soon as more and more people get hold of their iPads.

Check out his Magic!

Kid built his own iPad Stand

Remember Brett? Remember how this 10 years old kid repaired his own cracked iPhone 3GS screen and saved almost $180? Not only he save money on his iPhone screen, he also saved money on buying iPad’s stand!

This kid is just too cool, he not only built a iPad stand for himself, he also motivated lots of people to start DIY-ing for themselves. With the helps from his dad, they went to get a piece of wood, hinge and a couple knobs and presto. It ain’t the best looking stand for iPad, but there’s lots of innovation and creativity in this kid. [cnet]

Need to Repair your iPhone Screen? Don’t Worry, a 10 years old Kid can do it, so can you!

10 years old boy Brett, fixed cracked iPhone Screen all by himself. If you are wondering should you fix your iPhone Screen next time if it crack, take him as an example. If he can do it, so can you!

Brett managed to fix his own iPhone 3GS Screen, after purchasing screen from some 3rd party vendor, and replaced the screen by myself. Doing a job that will cost you $200 if you go to a Apple Store. He spent a total of $20 on the screen, tools and tape, the whole operation took him 40 minutes but it is time well spent. Not only he learnt something new through the process, he also gain patience and even knowledge of iPhone’s Hardware.

Problems cutting your SIM Card into MircoSim? Worry no more!

Apple have one again push for innovation and what is good for the future than what is good now. Apple have been pushing HTML5 rather than maintaining at current technology like Flash. Now they are also pushing Mirco-Sim for iPad and the next generation iPhone causing lots of mobile carrier to change their standard too.

But what if your carrier haven’t yet support micro-sim? How do you cut them? Now you don’t have to worry. Creative company cutmysim have came out with a cutter that will do the job.

They are selling a piece at $29, check them out at

Cheap and Fast way to get your iPad Stand

Cheap and fast way to get your iPad stand! Many shops are already selling iPad stands and how they can help you in your reading, typing, watching of movies. But this stand, can do it all, plus it is cheap and you can actually use it and throw it if you don’t mind! Haha

Check out the video!