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I WANT iPhone 4! (NSFW) [Video]

So what will you take up phones that salesman in phone store recommend to you? Or you will only insist in taking iPhone 4 out of the store even if there are no more stocks? I think… I will be insisting on iPhone 4, why? Because iPhone 4 is the best phone! LOL!

Classic iPad Dock

We have seen how Kid built his own iPad dock, but we haven’t seen such a classic iPad Dock! Surpisingly everything fits just nice! Check out the video too!

iPhone 4 can be blended!

Blendtec has been doing up series of gadget blending, like iPad, iPhone 3GS and more. With the release of iPhone 4 in 5 countries namely US, UK, Germany, Japan and France, Blendtec got on hold of a early iPhone 4(According to the video, it’s a joke) from Steve Jobs look alike.

So what Blendtec do if they ever acquire a early technology? They won’t tear it apart and see what is inside, they won’t blog about it. They just BLEND it!

Check out their video on blending the latest iPhone 4

Like any other gadget… It blends!

iPad Soccer with your friend while watching World Cup [Video]

What can be more enjoyable than watching World Cup on your TV with your friends and playing Foosball with your friends during half-time? Foosball HD is a table soccer game build to iPad by illusion labs,  where you can play 1 or 2 player game. It is quite a fun and fast pace game to play with, and a very good quick game for half-time where you have nothing to do while waiting for your favorite game to start!

Check out the video and also check out their App in App Store for $2.99 for iPad