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Tactile D-Pad for iPhone and iPad

One main issue with iPhone and iPad gaming is that the lack of physical buttons, so playing games that requires D-Pads or pushing of buttons is weird as most iPhone/iPad games now uses virtual D-Pads and buttons. It makes the games harder to play as the buttons and virtual d-pad are not as ease to use, especially when you need to look at the d-pad to make the move rather than the screen play itself.

Japan as always come out with very creative stuff, now they have come out with this Stick-on Tactile D-Pad and Buttons for iPhone and iPad! You can now stick them onto your iPhone/iPad screen so you can have a “Physical” buttons and D-Pad, and you can enjoy your gaming on iPhone or iPad even more! You can buy the stick on buttons from Japan at around 630yen which is around USD$7.80 or around Singapore Dollar $10.

We have no idea how many times you can pull out and stick back the stick on buttons, mostly they can last for at least a few stick-on else, it will be $10 per game, which is totally not worth it.

Microsoft don’t want you to use Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is launching very soon, and Microsoft launch 2 ads to advertise their Windows Phone 7. But Microsoft don’t want you to use their phone at all.

In this series of ads, they shown us how “addicted” to our smartphone as ignore the rest of the world. Thus Windows Phone 7 will be “helping” you use your phone less and focus on your life.

Windows Phone 7 Ad 1

Windows Phone 7 Ad 2

So we using our iPhone too much?

iPhone, iPod Nano and iPad Robot [Video]

Yes, you did not get me wrong, there is now this iPad, iPhone and iPod Nano Robot that can walk and “dance”!

Check out the iPhone and iPad Robot Video:

iPod Nano Video:

Kazu, the maker for this robot said: “For this project, I have developed very simple way to control two servo motors by iPod nano: using the sound from headphone jack as PWM signal that controls the servo motors! Yes, two servos are powered by miniature 3.7V 110mAh Li-Po battery and control lines are directly connected to headphone jack! Very simple!”

We will miss you, iPod Clickwheel! [Video]

We will definitely miss the days where we need to click and turn Apple’s iPod Clickwheel. The Clickwheel is one of the few Apple’s innovation for navigating menu without mouse, although mouse was kind of invented by Apple too.

With the launch of 5th Generation iPod Nano, clickwheel is now removed from new generation iPod Nano, and is only available on iPod Classic which has not been refresh this year. iPod Nano’s clickwheel has been replaced by a touch screen and is now the popular iPod Nano Watch!

Nevertheless Clickwheel still have its own fan base, so Matt and Keith from Matt’s Macintosh have created this short youtube video to remind us how great clickwheel have served us for the past few years and how it sounds like when you turn the wheel!

Check out their clickwheel video:

Android VS iPhone in Comic

This comic is so hard and fast on the facts of how Android and iPhone can be compared. It is not only the OS, it is also the users who use the 2 different OS. Which group are you in now, and do you plan to change?

I love iPhone and have never planned on changing, but for tablet form factor like iPad, I will definitely consider Google’s Android as it is open, and I might be able to achieve much more on it than just plain old iPad on Apple’s iOS.

Apple’s Newton Emulated and running on iPhone

Newton was one of the earliest tablet form OS, and they are built by Apple. Although they might not have been as popular as iOS. But Apple’s Newton has gained quite a bit of fans over the years, and now developer Matthias Melcher ported Newton OS to iPhone!

You will be able to check out more information of the Einstein NewtonOS Emulator project, or you can download the source code of the project too!

Check out the video of NewtonOS on iPhone:

Amazon Kindle Attack Apple iPad in their new Ad!

Amazon’s Kindle have a new Ad, and iPad is actually featured in it, but it is mocking Apple’s iPad glossy screen. In the ad, there is a lady in bikini reading ebooks with her kindle and beside her is a guy in shirt, struggling to read under the bright sunlight beside the pool.

Guy ask the lady why she can read under this kind of condition, the lady reply she is reading on e-ink kindle and she paid more for her sun-glasses than the kindle. This ad remind me of Apple’s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ Get a Mac ads series where they mocked all the issues Windows and PCs have.

Check out the Amazon’s New Kindle Ad:

Saudi Arabian King using iPad 3G! Apple Fan Boy?

Saudi Arabian King spotted using his iPad 3G when is he is giving his speech! From the photo, he seems to be reading his speech from iPad 3G outdoor! If he can read his iPad 3G under sun without issue, I doubt anyone else in the world can complain about it!

Anyway, he is not the first well-known people using iPad, in fact more and more “Important” people are already using iPad as their script, not only they can keep their scripts organized. It might be more secure than having paper! [9to5mac]

Nokia N9 – Apple MacBook Pro lookalike?

Don’t tell me they don’t look similar! They almost look exactly the same, yes, Apple Macbook Pro and Nokia’s N9.  One of Nokia’s newest innovation is N9 running MeeGO, but if you take a look at the hardware it looks exactly like Macbook Pro.

I’m not sure if Apple can sue them on this, but anyone who saw the phone will feel that it is a “copy”!