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Time Capsules and Airports to be refresh on WWDC 2011?

Apple’s routers refreshing soon?

Time Capsules, Airport Express and Airport Extreme are reportedly experiencing shortages. I don’t think Apple should be facing production issue with them as they have been around almost 2 years. Thus we might be seeing refreshes of them! This is a great news to me as I’m looking at changing my router!

iCloud integration on Time Capsules, Airport Extreme and Airport Express?

But of course, why refresh Time Capsules and Airports together with iCloud? Apple is known to very successful in integrating their services with hardware. So can it be that Time Capsules and Airport Express and Airport Extreme will be closely tied to iCloud? We might be seeing some offline caching of iClouds data on Apple Routers, thus minimizing data transfer from Apple’s Data center to your Macs. How cool will it be?

So let’s stay tuned to check out if Apple will be refreshing their routers together with their up and coming iCloud during WWDC’11.