Scan and create PDF via iPhone with Snap2PDF

Many a times when I’m on the move but I need to send printed documents to my clients, I can’t go back to office just for scanning. What’s my option? iPhone! It has been a integrated tool in my life, thus I will always have it around with me. There are tons of scanning documents into PDF apps in the Apple App Store, but which one is good enough? I reviewed Snap2PDF and found it to be quite good and met all my requirements.


To scan any documents, photo, bills, receipts into PDF, all I need to do is snap a picture using my iPhone camera app, of course  I can snap the photo in Scan2PDF app too.

After OCR able to recognize the text in the bill, thus searchable

What’s cool about the app is that after snapping the document, you can do image rectification to correct the size and alignment, Gamma correction to make the words easier to read and OCR ( optical Character Recognition) so all the text in the document, bills or even book will be recognized. The PDF generated will be searchable by text too. Pretty cool right? You can also email the pdf directly via the app, so you won’t have a problem getting all the pdfs out of the app.

Image before Image Rectification and Gamma Correction

Please take note that this image was taken at a very low light environment to test the gamma corrections.

Image after Corrections

After using Snap2PDF for a week, I find it a very handy app. It is definitely an app will that will be very useful when I need a document to be scan quickly and accurately. You can get  from the Apple App Store at $1.99, click here to go to Snap2PDF in App Store

So, what do you think ?