Starhub is not accepting any iPhone 4S interest nor Pre-orders

No Pre orders for iPhone 4S on Starhub

iPhone 4S is going to launch in 28th October 2011, both SingTel and M1 has been accepting customer’s interest on the phone, after submitting their interest, they will be notify when SingTel and M1 starts their pre-order. But among the 3 Telecom in Singapore, Starhub is the only one who are not accepting pre-orders nor interest.

From their FAQ:

Why is there no registration of interest for iPhone 4S from StarHub?

There will be no registration of interest for iPhone 4S. We will commence retail launch of the new iPhone model on 28 October 2011. Please check this site for updates in the coming weeks.

Yup, So Starhub customers who are interested in buying iPhone 4S, you got to keep on refreshing this page.

[via iMerlion]


    • Reply tobiascai |

      Hi Michael,

      I also think registering interest is useless, but it will at least keep those who register up to date on the information. Especially when they start pre-orders, I think those who register might have a faster notice than those who did not. Haha.. in Singapore term is "kiasu". Haha!

So, what do you think ?