M1’s Price Plan for Apple iPhone 4S

M1 first to release their Price Plan for iPhone 4S

M1 has just launch their price plan for Apple’s new iPhone 4S and they will be available for sale on 28th October 2011. In Singapore all 3 carriers, M1, SingTel and Starhub can sell iPhone 4S and they are all unlocked set unlike those in US.

So how much is M1 going to charge you for iPhone 4S and how is their plans?

For the entry level plan for $36 per month, you will get 100 mins of talk time, 500 SMS, 12 GB of data:

iPhone 4S 16GB: S$505

iPhone 4S 32GB: S$630

iPhone 4S 64GB: S$770

For iPhone Lite plan for $56 per month, 300 mins of talk time, 500 SMS and 12 GB of data:

iPhone 4S 16GB: S$235

iPhone 4S 32GB: S$370

iPhone 4S 64GB: S$510

For iPhone Extreme plan, $98 per month, 700mins of talk time, 500 SMS and Unlimited data:

iPhone 4S 16GB: S$0

iPhone 4S 32GB: S$70

iPhone 4S 64GB: S$210

For iPhone Max plan for $198 per month, Unlimited talk time, 2000 SMS and Unlimited Data:

iPhone 4S 16GB: $0

iPhone 4S 32GB: $0

iPhone 4S 64GB: $115

How to get iPhone 4S from M1?

There is a few ways:

M1 Shop Paragon:

Be the first to own iPhone 4S at our midnight launch event at M1 Shop Paragon on 28 October 2011.

Selected M1 Shops & Exclusive Distributor:

These M1 Shops and Exclusive Distributors will open on 28 October at 7am. Click here forthe list.

Also available at all M1 Shops & selected Exclusive Distributors at 11am.


Or order online from the comfort of your home at m1shop.com.sg from midnight on 28 October 2011. You’ll enjoy free delivery to your doorstep from 30 October 2011.

For more information, you can go to M1’s website.

No news from SingTel and Starhub yet, thus I will only do priceĀ comparisonĀ once they release their price plan.

So, what do you think ?