Funny Organizational Chart for Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle

Funny Org Chart for Technology Companies like Apple and Facebook.

Yes, Although it looks like a just for fun organizational hierarchy chart from bonkersworld. But this chart is drawn up with understanding or at least some understanding of how the technology company operate.

Apple is a one man company

Just look at how Apple’s Org chart is, is it centered around 1 man, and branched out as a company. Honestly this is how everyone feels that Apple is being run. We are pretty sure most of the products need to be approved and reviewed by Steve Jobs before its product launch. So he is the man.

Microsoft kills its own product

Microsoft have departments building products that will kill another product they are building. Products like kin when already have Windows Phone 7.

Google is a 3 man team

Google has been a 3 man team for quite a while, with its 2 founders and their CEO running the company. Although things have change slightly, but I doubt the influence have changed.

Facebook has no structure?

Honestly, I don’t know about Facebook’s Company’s Structure, or should I say no one understand it clearly yet. Thus this kind of chart was drawn?

Oracle buy and buy company.

For the past years, Oracle has transformed from a Database Empire to a Buying Empire. They have been buying and buying tech company non-stop. So that’s why they need such a strong legal team?

Are the charts similar to your view on how the company is being managed now. Tell us what you think!



    • Reply tobiascai |

      Hi fco,

      I didn't comment on Amazon, because from the Chart. It seems like Amazon is like every other "normal" company which follows very standard hierarchy.

  • Reply Jeff Bezos |

    amazon – structured, orderd. kinda like hitler’s germany

    apple – right, everything revolved around steve j. rip steve.

    microsoft – it is not about killing products. it is about different divisions hating each other and not co-operating

    google – yeah top 3, plus the fact that in google, the groups are little adhoc. for example, you don’t interview for a particular team. you interview and if selected, you are put in a team as per your interests/strengths.

    facebook – the chart is not actually how facebook organized, it represents the social network/graph that facebook enables.

    oracle – not buy and buy, although that does require lot of lawyers. this is more about oracle suing other companies (google, sap).

So, what do you think ?