Targus iPad 2 Rotating Case

Targus iPad 2 Rotating Case/Stand

Targus came out with quite a innovative iPad 2 Case, which allow you to hold up your iPad 2 not just in Landscape mode, but also in Portrait mode. This is something that we have not seen much on other available case for iPad 2.

But why Portrait? I’m thinking there are a few use cases that might be very useful in portrait mode. For example if you doing cooking, and your Cook Book PDF is in Portrait, it is easy to read if your iPad 2 is standing up in a portrait mode. How about drawing a portrait drawing?  Equally useful.

Expensive, but Flexible

Of course the best thing is Targus’s Rotating iPad 2 Case, can be used in both mode, thus you gain the flexibilty in using your beloved iPad 2. So what’s bad? What I feel is the price tag, at SGD$99.90, it is quite a expensive iPad case.If it cheaper, I will definitely recommend this iPad 2 Case due to the flexibility.

Product Specifications

Targus® 360° Rotating Stand & Case for iPad®2 (THZ045AP)

Interior Dimensions: 24.1 x 0.9 x 18.6 cm

Weight: 1 llb

If you are interested in getting this iPad 2 case, you can Targus Boutique at Funan Center, or many other Apple resellers in Singapore. Visit Targus for more information.

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  • Reply Paul rochon |

    I think this product is very goog and class, I first saw it as my neise has one. I filled out a form online last wek and Targus offered me a 15 per cent discount. I tried to order one today but the discount was denied. Thank you.
    Paul rochon

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