Apple refresh iMac 2011 with quad-core Sandy Bridge, FaceTime HD and Thunderbolt!

iMac 2011 Refresh!

Apple have finally refreshed their iMac line for 2011 with Quad-Core Sandy Bridge Processors, Thunderbolt and FaceTime HD. Of course they also added new AMD Graphics Cards which are reported to be 3 times faster than previous, but the most interesting update is still thunderbolt, and Apple is adding 2 thunderbolt for 27 inch iMac!

So exactly how fast is Thunderbolt? Check out the diagram below:

2 Thunderbolts on 27 inch iMacs!

Thunderbolt is really pretty fast, and although 21.5 iMacs will come with only 1 thunderbolt ports, each port can actually daisy-chain up to 7 devices, which is really impressive. But do note that 27 inch iMacs have 2 thunderbolt ports, which means that you can actually have 14 devices hook up to your iMac!

Of course FaceTime HD is added to all iMacs so you can FaceTime with your fellow iPhone owners or Macbook Pro family. Better graphics cards are added to help in gaming and movie rendering.

What I feel about the upgrades

Overall, I feel it is just an yearly update of processor and graphics, but of course we welcome the newly added Thunderbolt Ports and FaceTime HD! So do check out the new iMac 2011 at!


  • Reply Sven |

    I have always liked Apple designs. Good-looking and functional. A joy to use. I have a collection now, from '90 onwards. Only changed when outside forces force me, all still work perfectly. Apple is the only company in the world to make a complete package, OS AND computer. THAT'S believing in your product, Microsoft! I think the iMac is the best computer ever, all categories. Brilliant design. The latest versions are almost perfect. 'Almost'? Yes, I do wonder how long the vertical hard drive will last, would prefer the SSD system. However, it is quiet easy to replace the hard drive yourself if you are handy with a screwdriver. I think we'll get SSD next refresh.

    THEN the iMac will be perfect.

    • Reply tobiascai |

      Hi Sven,

      I agree totally! SSD should come in the next refresh. But SSD are still too expensive to have the large drive. So if they will include ssd + normal large hdd will be perfect! 🙂

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