This is how my next iPhone looks like? [Picture]

This is my next iPhone 5?

You might be new to thisismynext, but no, they are actually started up by previous Engadget team, Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miler and more. I’m kind of a fan of them, and this is their new temporary home. Put that aside for now, they have came out with the above iPhone 5 mock-up based on some source which they think is quite reliable.

Yes, it might be a totally new design, below are the summarize points:

  • Totally New Design, or not…: iPhone 4 have gotten quite a few bad comments on antenna and easily broken glass. So we might not be¬†surprise Apple might wanna do a redesign of it.. But if you look closely at the mock-up, it looks very similar to iPod Touch’s design… So are we getting a similar to iPod Touch iPhone 5?
  • Gesture Sensitive Home Button: It is reported that Home Button will be bigger and will take in gestures, this is really quite new… I’m not really sure what kind of gestures it might understand.¬†Swiping? Pushing? Holding on? Who knows?
  • No Bezel: I’m quite surprise bezel is removed! It means that Apple’s manufacturing technology is very high, else it might be very hard for them to achieve.
  • Larger Screen: Of course, without the bezel, we will be getting a larger screen at 3.7inch.
  • Inductive Charging: Honestly, I doubt this, inductive charging are not very environmental friendly. It wastes quite alot of extra energy to charge the same iPhone, so I doubt it as Apple is always looking at how green can they go.
  • Hidden earpiece & mouthpiece: Both of it are behind the glass, and not visible, given it’s Apple it is highly possible. I like it.
  • NFC: Maybe or may not come
  • Global radio Chips: Supports both CDMA and GSM

How do you think about the next iPhone you are getting? I think it is not bad in hardware design, how I’m more interested in seeing what we will be getting on iOS 5. Hope to get something totally new.

So, what do you think ?