Apple is tracking our location via iPhone, but why? [Video]

It is now confirmed that Apple is storing location informations of every iPhone users. Peter Warden and Alasdair Allan have found out that iOS have a database storing information of the location of iPhone and is taking a snap of the location almost every minute.

The picture which you have seen on top, is the location information store by iPhone from one of the creator of iPhoneTracker, who have create an application to let you import the location data that your iPhone is storing and displaying in a map format.

I have downloaded the software, and have load the map with my location information, and it is just pure amazing. It really did record down my whole Taiwan Trip on Oct 2010 and the more recent US trip on March 2011

Taiwan Trip 2010:

My recent US Trip on March 2011:

Interesting yeah? I have no idea, Apple can map my journey so well, it can almost be used as a proof if I ever have to show my location at any point of time. But why is Apple doing this? All this location information did not expire after almost 1 year. Why do Apple need to keep location information of their users for such a long time?

Apple have not gave us any information or reply on this issue.

Check out the video of the creator of iPhoneTracker:



  • Reply Jaim |

    I think Apple should have to spend every single cent of its money defending itself in court…and then get told there is no defense against SPYING on people especially without their knowledge!!!

    • Reply tobiascai |

      Currently noone is sure how is Apple copying back the data back to them. Yes, they are keeping track of each location,but doesn't mean they are doing some spy thingy. Let's hope they come up and tell us why is there a tracks of our location and what they use that for.

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