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iPad 2 is really very fast, no joke!

iPad 2 really very fast, compared to iPad, iPhone 4, Galaxy Tab and Nexus S

iPad 2 outperformed and is super fast!

Cnet have done a benchmark on iPad 2(not sure how they got it) and the results shows that iPad 2 super fast. Although the results are tested using SunSpider 0.9.1, meaning it is just JavaScript. But look at iPad 2 and iPad on iOS 4.3, iPad 2 is almost 1300milliseconds faster than first generation iPad. Thus we can really see some speed boost from iPad 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab slow on JavaScript

What is more amazing is iPad 2 is almost 3.5X faster than Samsung Galaxy Tab! I didn’t know Galaxy Tab is so slow on Javascript. Nevertheless, we haven’t gotten anymore reviews as iPad 2 is has not yet launch, thus we have to wait and see what surprises we will get from Apple. As I’m sure lots of people are waiting for iFixit to tell us how much RAM iPad 2 actually has.

Sorry about yesterday’s fake review of iPad 2, it is just a very creative video done on iPad 2 which I would like to share, those who have missed it, check out “iPad 2 Review“.

iPad 2 Review – Fake but Funny [Video]

Ok, It’s a pure joke, but they really put in a lot of effort in doing up this “iPad 2” review, which I think we should give them some credit. Very good imagination I would say and funny.

Exkild is very young, but very talent creative director and actor, Check out the rest of his creation in YouTube, but check out his “iPad 2 Review” first:

Yes, they used an 27″ iMac as the so-called ‘iPad 2″, lots of effect and very cool ideas. Hope you enjoyed the joke.

If you like people making fun of iPad 2, be sure to check out our previous post on funny iPad 2 videos.

Difference between iPad 2 and Original iPad

Thinner, Lighter, Faster and 2 Cameras

Engadget came out with this nice chart that compares iPad 2 and the original iPad, in this chart you can clearly see the similarity and difference. To be honest, nothing much have changed… iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and faster and 2 camera and I have summarized the difference.

CDMA and GSM for iPad 2

Of course another huge difference is the support for CDMA, but this is only relevant for people living in countries which CDMA networks. So for us in Singapore, the main difference are just thinner, lighter and faster plus 2 camera. So is it worth it to buy the iPad 2 especially when Apple slash the original iPad by SGD$150. Wifi iPad 16GB Model are now selling at SGD$538, and refurbished sets are selling at a even lower price.

What’s my thought?

To be honest, I don’t know. I am not an iPad owner myself, and I am still considering should I buy original iPad for a much cheaper price or should I go for iPad 2 which might be able to last me till iPad 4? I think the most important factor is still unknown to us, which is the amount of RAM that iPad 2 have. RAM is very important especially for multitasking, especially so for true multi-tasking. Thus if iPad 2 have more rams than iPad, I will definitely go for iPad 2, as I think if Apple ever launch iOS 5 which support true multi-tasking, original iPad will not be able to perform as well or maybe can’t even support.

Let me know what’s your point of view, should you buy iPad 2 or Original iPad if you are still not an iPad owner? How about existing iPad owners, will you be waiting for iPad 3 instead?

Funny iPad 2 Commercials [Video]

As usual, mock-up of Apple’s product videos flood out in no time. Apple are known to produce wonderful marketing video about their newly launched devices. iPad 2 just launched, and Apple have created them. They are good, but check out all this mockup video of iPad 2, they are really funny. This same group of people did the iPhone 4 ads too, check them out here

A different version of by another group of guys:

Conan’s Version of iPad 2:

Nice Heart-Warming Video by Apple about iPads [Video]

Apple iPad Year One

Apple showed this video during their 2nd March 2011 Apple Event. I know they are marketing video, I know they make the video to sell their product. But it is really a very nicely done video and it really warms my heart. Especially when it comes to using iPad to teach kids, to let autism learn and grow with iPads.

I’m sure we all have seen how kids and elders are tied to iPad. They use it like they have been using them for years, iPad is really one kind of technology ever built to have such a easy learning curve.

Check out the iPad 2010 Video:

March 2nd Apple Event Keynote Stream up!

iPad 2 White and Black with FaceTime!

Apple iPad 2 Keynote Stream up!

There are no live streaming from Apple last night on the 2nd March Apple Event, which is just a disappointment. Apple did live streaming of the keynote event for Back to Mac Event last year, which I think was very successful. I’m not sure why this event they did not provide a live stream, but nevertheless you can now watch this iPad 2 Event now.

Steve Jobs on iPad 2 Event

Steve Jobs was there, and he is still the main man for the keynote, glad to see him around. He is just trying to tell the whole world “Stop speculating that I’m dying” and “All the iPad CopyCats, you still have long way to go

Check out iPad 2 Event Stream here.

If you just want a summary of it? Check out our iPad 2 summary blog post on the event!

2 March Apple Event Summary – iPad 2, Faster, Thinner and Camera

Jobs mentioned that there are now 200 Millions Apple accounts including iTunes, App Store and iBooks Store. 100 Millions iPhone sold and 15 million iPads sold in 2010!

iPad 2

iPad 2 is armed with Apple’s new A5 Processor which is a dual Core Processor, 2 X faster CPU, 9 X faster graphics and as low powered as A4!

Thinner, Lighter and comes with White!

One of the huge improvement is the thickness! iPad was 13.4mm but iPad 2 is just 8.8mm, which is thinner than iPhone 4! I really don’t know how they did that. Although the weight did not go down by alot, just 0.2lbs lighter.

iPad 2 will come with 2 colours, White and Black and there will be no wait for the white iPad. So you will be able to get White iPad as soon as any black!

720P HD Video recording from back camera, and VGA video from front-facing camera.

iPad 2 – 10 hours battery life and ship on 11th March

Even though iPad 2 is now so much thinner, but we will still be getting the 10 hours battery life from iPad 2. No Price drops, iPad 2 will still start from USD$499 and iPad 2 will start shipping on 11th March 2011 in US. 26 more countries will get iPad 2 on 26 March 2011.

HDMI output from iPad 2

New Accessories for iPad 2, HDMI Output dongle which will allow you to output HDMI video and Apps to your TV, and you can still charge your iPad while displaying out. Very cool very cool.

Magnetic Case for iPad 2

iPad 2 will not work with the older iPad case, thus Apple will be launching a new case, which grasp by magnet and will auto-align, very hard to imagine how it works. Seeing a video or in person then we will understand better. But I don’t see any China iPad 2 cases come with that… so I think they might need to rework again…. There will be 5 colour for polyurethane case which will cost you $39 and 5 colour for leather case which will cost $69.

iOS 4.3

iOS 4.3 faster Javascript engine, Home sharing, AirPlay improvement and Preference for iPad switch. Now with iOS 4.3 you can stream your Apps or Safari to to other devices like Apple TV.

There will be a software preference to use the switch on the right of the iPad to go between volume mute and screen orientation lock. Wifi Hot Spot will also come with iOS 4.3, which we have seen in Verizon iPhone 4. Photo Booth App will be coming with iOS 4.3 too, to give you effects on the photos you take from your iDevices.

FaceTime on iPad 2

Of course, with the new iPad 2 front-facing camera, you can now FaceTIme with your friends on Mac or iPhones/iPod Touches.

iMovie App for iPad 2

iMovie will have precision editor, Multi-track audio recording, new themes, Airplay to Apple TV, Share your videos in HD and it is a universe App. Thus it is a app for both iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 2.

Sharing is quite cool in iMovie App, you can now share to Vimeo, YouTube and even FaceBook!

GarageBand for iPad 2

GarageBand App supports Touch instruments, which you can now plug in your guitar, Piano and more into your iPad 2. Guitar Amps and effects. 8 Tracks recording and mixing, 250+ loops, and music created are compatible with Mac GarageBand.

In GarageBand App, there is Grand Piano, Drums and Guitar which you can play, record. It will be just $4.99 for both iMovie and GarageBand.

Check out our new kid iPad 2 on Apple website!

Apple Event 2 March: iPad 2, MobileMe and more?

Today is the Apple Event, which will be held at 10AM PST, which will be 2AM Singapore Time. So what will us be seeing today as mentioned by Apple asking us to come see what they have for us for 2011.

iPad 2

Of course we will be seeing a refresh of iPad. Most likely iPad 2 will be equipped with 2 camera, front and back. Faster processor and more RAM and more Flash Memory. iPad 2 should be thinner and lighter, and maybe better screen.


Apple has been building this super huge data center, which we still don’t know what will they do. Rumors are either MobileMe free for all iPhone and Mac users? Or maybe we will get iTunes Cloud or some new?

Mac OS X Lion

More preview for Mac OS Lion, lots of reviews of Mac OS Lion has been floating around. Thus I’m sure Apple will want to show those features themselves. We might be seeing iWork 2011 or maybe even iWork moving onto Cloud.

iPhone 5

June should be the refresh for iPhone 5, so we might be seeing some early preview or announcements of iPhone 5 or even a new version of iOS?


Last but not the least, iMac refresh is almost on the way, thus we might be seeing the new iMac.

Stay tuned with us as we report you to the latest news on Apple’s Event today. We will be blogging a summary of the event.

Funny iPhone Auto-Correct Text Messages!

Auto-Correct Fail!

All iPhone users, I’m sure you have faced auto-correct fail when you are using your iPhone for text message or twitter right? I,myself have faced it couple of times and man they are funny. Due to auto-correct fails, damnyouautocorrect is now so popular and hot!

Let’s check out some of the funny auto-correct fail:

That’s all for now folks. I hope you have a good laugh, as I did, scanning through damnyouautocorrect. If you are bored and wanna get a good laugh remember check it out.