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Preview: McTiVia is coming to Singapore!

McTiVia is coming to Singapore! Remember McTiVia? It won the Best of MacWorld Show 2011, it is the wireless display sync between your Mac to your HDTV!

McTiVia can sync your display from Macbook to any HDTV, allowing you to surf the web, watch movie or even play games on your large TV screen, but still control via your Macbook. It is a very cool technology because you no longer need to hook up your Mac to your HDTV anymore, it will stream wireless via Wifi!

Check out the demo video:

Pretty cool right?

Below is the list of features that McTiVia can do for you:

  • Works as Wireless Access Point
  • Watch Movie or your Home Video on your HDTV in your living room, without hook up cables from your computer. Do note that even the audio will come from your TV and not your Mac!
  • Play PC games on your TV via Computer
  • Surf Web, YouTube or even show pictures from your PC/Mac on the big screen TV wirelessly
  • Use iPhone or Android Phone to control your Mac/PC

My Thoughts

I think it is one of the coolest gadget you can buy for your living room, because I always do my web surfing in my living room while watching TV. Sometimes I will see something so interesting that I would want to show my family. I can only show them via my Macbook Pro Screen, but imagine if I can show them on the 42″ TV I have in my living room will be amazing!

Oh ya, another time will be FaceTime on Mac! Imagine Wireless displaying your FaceTime chat with your loves ones who are away in other countries, and the ability to show it on large screen. Pretty cool too.

McTiVia will be coming to Singapore by late April or May, please Stay Tuned with us and we will definitely update the pricing and other details once we get it!

iPad 2 vs iPad 1 [Video]

So how is iPad 2 compared to the original iPad? 2 words to summarize the video, Faster and thinner! Yes, iPad 2 is so much faster and so thinner than the original iPad.

Is this good enough for you to consider an upgrade? I don’t really think so, unless you want to video skype on your iPad. But you have yet to buy your iPad, iPad 2 is really something you can consider.

Check out the video by Mashable:

MUPromo – Very good bundle for just $49.99, includes 1Password & Parallels 6

Check out MacUpdate’s Promotion Bundle for Spring! For just $49.99 you will be able to get 11 very useful apps, which includes Parallels 6 and 1Password! Do I need to say more? I think it is quite a good buy, so good that I have bought the bundle myself.

Stuff in the Bundle:

  1. Parallels Desktop 6 – A very good virtualization software for Mac, that let you run Windows, Linux and many other OS, it has very good integration on Mac and have very good performance. Original Price $79
  2. Divvy – Allows you to resize your wordspace in a very efficient method. No more dragging and clicking. Pretty cool, Original Price – $14. (Please note that it is only for the first 10k buyers)
  3. 1Password – The best password management software on Mac and now also on Windows. Original Price $39
  4. MacUpdate Desktop – Automatically keep your Mac Software up-to-date, Service for 6 months. Original Price $10
  5. DVDRemaster Pro 7 – Let you recompress DVDs and convert into iPhone and iPad format for your viewing! Original Price $49
  6. Mac DVDRipper Pro – Rip copy-righted DVDs for you with just a few clicks. Original Price $9
  7. Hands Off! – Monitor your network traffic incase of unwanted access from outside! Original Price $24
  8. App Tamer – One of the more interesting software which I have seen, it pause Application which is in your background.. so it won’t chew up your processor’s power… Especially good for power hungry applications which you need to run, but pause them when you are using other softwares. Original Price $14
  9. TechTool Pro 5 – a full-featured utility program containing options for testing and repair, maintenance (including disk defragmentation), and data recovery. Original Price $98
  10. Civilization IV – a turn-based history game that is actually both educational and addictive fun. Original Price $19
  11. A Better Finder Rename – Application that help you rename your files with ease, especially good for photos which always comes in very ugly names! Original Price $19

Check out the introduction video:

It is definitely a must buy bundle! If you want to purchase this cool bundle, check out mupromo. Please note that I’m not in any way affiliated, just a very happy customer and hope others love it too.

iPad 2 installed in Ford Truck, now you can FaceTime while… driving..

SoundMan Car Audio put up the first ever iPad 2 in car’s dashboard! Yes, on the first day iPad 2 launch they slot it in. They are really kind of Apple Fan boy yeah, they also mounted the iPad 1 previously? But while in car, I think response and ease of use is the most important, thus I feel that currently there are still no match with iPad, not to mention iPad 2 is so much faster and responsive.

Check out the video as they film the whole process of how they mod their dashboard of their trunk. Pretty interesting and cool:

Apple supporting Red Cross through iTunes for Japan relief funds

Apple is now supporting Red Cross through iTunes for Japan Relief Funds! Now iTunes users can actually do donations from iTunes and donations comes in $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $200 increments. Please note that 100% of the donations will go to Red Cross in Japan, so do donate, Click here to go to the iTunes Donation Page.

Cheers to Apple for supporting the effort so much that they even pull out their iPad 2 ads space on Website, and put up supporting statements that translate to :

To those who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami, we send sympathies from our heart. In this deep sadness, we are praying for the victims and their families.

Apple really did what they can do for the support for Japan’s relief efforts. Thanks Apple, Be strong people in Japan!

iPad teardown by iFixit, 512MB RAM, Screen thinner, battery almost the same

iPad 2 Tear down

iFixit done up a very nice summary video on the iPad 2 teardown. The LCD Screen is much thinner, but battery remains very similar.

Based on the video:

iPad 1 LCD Screen – 3.2mm glass

iPad 2 LCD Screen – 2.4 glass

Quite a bit of reduction, but reports are saying that a thinner screen might lead to be more fragile and break easier… Is this what Apple is losing  in order for lighter and more comfortable feel? In my point of view, lighter is more important than stronger glass, as we hold the iPad every single day, but we don’t drop it everyday right? Of course who wish to drop their iPad, but maybe it don’t really make a difference if you drop a stronger screen iPad 1 or the weaker iPad 2 screen? Who knows…

iPad 2 Battery

iPad 2 battery only have a increase of 0.2 watt-hour battery, so the battery improvement are all hardware and software optimizing. Results from Engadget shows that iPad 2 battery last almost 1 hour more than original iPad.

iPad 2 RAM

Yes, it is confirmed. iPad 2 have 512MB of RAM which is the same with iPhone 4. This is necessary for smooth multi-tasking.

Check out the video from iFixit:

iPhone 4’s upload speed is faster than 4G Motorola Atrix

Users of Motorola Atrix complain that they ain’t getting very good speed with the phone although it is a 4G Phone. A test was done and the result shows that iPhone 4‘s upload speed is much faster than Atrix! But words on the street are saying the fault might not be Motorola or Google fault, but AT&T!  It seems like AT&T hasn’t enable the higher speed HSDPA+ radios on Android phone, but because Apple controls iPhone firmware and AT&T can’t touch it, thus the faster upload speed.

Check out the SPEED test video:

iOS 4.3 is out now! Faster Safari, Personal Hot Spot and Home Sharing!

Apple have released iOS 4.3, those who have yet to update, be sure to update!


  • Because you will be getting much faster Safari meaning faster web browsing…
  • Personal Hot Spot which you can broadcast a Wifi network that devices like your Macbook and laptops can connect to.
  • Home Sharing, where you can listen or watch songs or movies directly from your iTunes on your Mac or PC that is in the same network. This is very cool as you won’t need to sync your music to listen to it!

You can update directly from iTunes or you can download iOS 4.3 from the below links:

Enjoy iOS 4.3!

    iPhone 5 will come with 64 GB

    If the above iPhone 5 is the up and coming iPhone 5, then we will be seeing 64GB in iPhone 5! Finally! iPod Touch and iPad has been having 64GB of Storage for quite some time, so finally we will be getting 64GB on iPhone 5.

    Do you really need 64GB?

    Before my 32GB iPhone 4, I was holding on to a 16GB iPhone 3G, and I though why will I need 32GB? But after having 32GB in our iPhone 4… I feel that I don’t have enough space!! It might be due to the quality of the video and photos iPhone 4 can take. Plus the growing numbers of very well-produced podcast and iTunes U videos!

    So if you ask me if you need an 64GB iPhone 5? Ask yourselves if you watch movie or podcast on your iPhone, if you do… 64Gb won’t be a bad choice!

    Difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4?

    By the way, you will realise one difference in the iPhone 5, there are no more silver ring around the back camera lens, but everything else seems to be almost the same from the video.

    Check out the below video on the rumored iPhone 5:

    Is iPhone 5 getting Aluminum backing?

    Is Apple iPhone 5 going to get an Aluminum Backing?

    Aluminum Backing for iPhone 5?

    This mock up looks like iPhone 3GS with Aluminum backing? So will iPhone’s design go back to iPhone 3GS-like? To be honest, I don’t think so, at least not for iPhone 5. I don’t think Apple will change their design so soon, but who knows? iPad 2 have a changed in design although iPad is only out for 1 year.

    Why Apple might not go back to Glass backing like iPhone 4?

    1. Remember our legendary White iPhone 4? Due to the white backing, iPhone 4 have light leaks and flash issue
    2. Glassgate – some iPhone 4 users dropped their phone and cracked the backing as the back of iPhone 4 is not as strong as the screen. Results shows that iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G are more durable than iPhone 4
    3. Unified Looks for all Apple Product – Apple Macbook Pro, iPads and iPod Touch all have aluminum backing or full-body, thus it will be a more unified look for iPhone to have it too?

    No one knows for sure what we will be getting for iPhone 5, so let’s wait and see!