March 2nd Apple Event Keynote Stream up!

iPad 2 White and Black with FaceTime!

Apple iPad 2 Keynote Stream up!

There are no live streaming from Apple last night on the 2nd March Apple Event, which is just a disappointment. Apple did live streaming of the keynote event for Back to Mac Event last year, which I think was very successful. I’m not sure why this event they did not provide a live stream, but nevertheless you can now watch this iPad 2 Event now.

Steve Jobs on iPad 2 Event

Steve Jobs was there, and he is still the main man for the keynote, glad to see him around. He is just trying to tell the whole world “Stop speculating that I’m dying” and “All the iPad CopyCats, you still have long way to go

Check out iPad 2 Event Stream here.

If you just want a summary of it? Check out our iPad 2 summary blog post on the event!

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