iPhone 4’s upload speed is faster than 4G Motorola Atrix

Users of Motorola Atrix complain that they ain’t getting very good speed with the phone although it is a 4G Phone. A test was done and the result shows that iPhone 4‘s upload speed is much faster than Atrix! But words on the street are saying the fault might not be Motorola or Google fault, but AT&T!  It seems like AT&T hasn’t enable the higher speed HSDPA+ radios on Android phone, but because Apple controls iPhone firmware and AT&T can’t touch it, thus the faster upload speed.

Check out the SPEED test video:


  • Reply joe |

    The Atrix just got updated today . Now it's faster than the iphone 4 at everything. Even though upload speeds were capped the Atrix still rendered webpages faster than the iphone now it blows it out of the water and this is with only 1 core. When we get GB we'll be using both cores making the iphone look archaic in comparison. The iphone 4 performance is average at best. They just can't keep up with the many Android manufacturers.

    • Reply tobiascai |

      Hi Joe,
      I totally agree with you on Apple can't keep up with that many Android Manufacturers. One great thing about Android as a mobile platform is that it is being pushed by so many big guys out that like Motorola, Samsung and HTC. Great to hear that Atrix has been update. 🙂

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