iPad 2 is really very fast, no joke!

iPad 2 really very fast, compared to iPad, iPhone 4, Galaxy Tab and Nexus S

iPad 2 outperformed and is super fast!

Cnet have done a benchmark on iPad 2(not sure how they got it) and the results shows that iPad 2 super fast. Although the results are tested using SunSpider 0.9.1, meaning it is just JavaScript. But look at iPad 2 and iPad on iOS 4.3, iPad 2 is almost 1300milliseconds faster than first generation iPad. Thus we can really see some speed boost from iPad 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab slow on JavaScript

What is more amazing is iPad 2 is almost 3.5X faster than Samsung Galaxy Tab! I didn’t know Galaxy Tab is so slow on Javascript. Nevertheless, we haven’t gotten anymore reviews as iPad 2 is has not yet launch, thus we have to wait and see what surprises we will get from Apple. As I’m sure lots of people are waiting for iFixit to tell us how much RAM iPad 2 actually has.

Sorry about yesterday’s fake review of iPad 2, it is just a very creative video done on iPad 2 which I would like to share, those who have missed it, check out “iPad 2 Review“.

So, what do you think ?