Difference between iPad 2 and Original iPad

Thinner, Lighter, Faster and 2 Cameras

Engadget came out with this nice chart that compares iPad 2 and the original iPad, in this chart you can clearly see the similarity and difference. To be honest, nothing much have changed… iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and faster and 2 camera and I have summarized the difference.

CDMA and GSM for iPad 2

Of course another huge difference is the support for CDMA, but this is only relevant for people living in countries which CDMA networks. So for us in Singapore, the main difference are just thinner, lighter and faster plus 2 camera. So is it worth it to buy the iPad 2 especially when Apple slash the original iPad by SGD$150. Wifi iPad 16GB Model are now selling at SGD$538, and refurbished sets are selling at a even lower price.

What’s my thought?

To be honest, I don’t know. I am not an iPad owner myself, and I am still considering should I buy original iPad for a much cheaper price or should I go for iPad 2 which might be able to last me till iPad 4? I think the most important factor is still unknown to us, which is the amount of RAM that iPad 2 have. RAM is very important especially for multitasking, especially so for true multi-tasking. Thus if iPad 2 have more rams than iPad, I will definitely go for iPad 2, as I think if Apple ever launch iOS 5 which support true multi-tasking, original iPad will not be able to perform as well or maybe can’t even support.

Let me know what’s your point of view, should you buy iPad 2 or Original iPad if you are still not an iPad owner? How about existing iPad owners, will you be waiting for iPad 3 instead?

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