Apple Event 2 March: iPad 2, MobileMe and more?

Today is the Apple Event, which will be held at 10AM PST, which will be 2AM Singapore Time. So what will us be seeing today as mentioned by Apple asking us to come see what they have for us for 2011.

iPad 2

Of course we will be seeing a refresh of iPad. Most likely iPad 2 will be equipped with 2 camera, front and back. Faster processor and more RAM and more Flash Memory. iPad 2 should be thinner and lighter, and maybe better screen.


Apple has been building this super huge data center, which we still don’t know what will they do. Rumors are either MobileMe free for all iPhone and Mac users? Or maybe we will get iTunes Cloud or some new?

Mac OS X Lion

More preview for Mac OS Lion, lots of reviews of Mac OS Lion has been floating around. Thus I’m sure Apple will want to show those features themselves. We might be seeing iWork 2011 or maybe even iWork moving onto Cloud.

iPhone 5

June should be the refresh for iPhone 5, so we might be seeing some early preview or announcements of iPhone 5 or even a new version of iOS?


Last but not the least, iMac refresh is almost on the way, thus we might be seeing the new iMac.

Stay tuned with us as we report you to the latest news on Apple’s Event today. We will be blogging a summary of the event.

So, what do you think ?