Verizon vs AT&T iPhone 4 Ads [Video]

Verizon vs AT&T in the iPhone Battle

Verizon finally get iPhone on their side, but who is winning the battle? No, the battle have yet to start, but the Ads Battles have started.

Verizon released their first iPhone 4 commercial, and ended with “Yes, I can hear you now!” ¬†as a attack to AT&T’s drop calls issue.

Check out the Verizon Ads:

AT&T Response

So how AT&T response to Verizon’s Ad? Of course AT&T have to show off something that Verizon’s CDMA network can’t do – Surf the web while having a phone call.

Here’s AT&T’s Ad:

So people living in the states, what’s your choice? To surf web while on phone or have a phone call that don’t drop as often? Feedback to us!


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