iPad 2 smaller, thinner and lighter? [Video]

We have heard many many rumors on iPad 2 will be smaller and thinner. M.I.C Gadget gotten a leather iPad 2 case which has been reported that it was tested with a real iPad 2. The case seems to be housing a smaller and thinner iPad rather than the current iPad.

I know it is stupid to say anything against it now, but I feel that the next iPad might be having the same size. Apple usually keep their product with the same size and shape for at least 2 refreshes. We see that with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Macbook Pros. Thus we might be getting the same old iPad size for iPad 2.

iPad 3 is rumored to come to us by Fall of 2011, so this case might be for iPad 3? I mean I’m just guessing, who knows? Haha! Anyway check out the video of it below:

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