iOS 4.3 is coming to us by Feb 28th?

iOS 4.3 has been rumored to be available to all by Feb 14th, but it did not. The newest rumored date is 28.02.2011, because of the trial end date on The Daily App. Yes, it is not really relevant, but it is a date we can look forward to.

What are we getting on iOS 4.3?

Of course the top most interesting feature we will be getting on iOS 4.3 is the Wireless Mobile HotSpot! Meaning you can broadcast a wireless hotspot with your iPhone or iPad to any other device like your Macbook or iPod Touch. It will be very useful with you don’t have your iPhone cable with you, but you need your iPod Touch to access the web without Wifi in the area.

Please note that if you are holding a Verizon phone, you will experience your hotspot to lose connective if there are incoming calls.

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