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Hate iPhone’s Notification? Try MobileNotifier [Video]

I hate iOS notification!

If you hate the way iPhone and iOS handle notification, you might wanna try out MobileNotifier! Many iPhone users don’t really like how iOS handle its notification, it will normally stop what you are doing, and take over the whole screen… Which is quite irritating, if you someone who have alot of Facebook Notification and SMS, and if you are playing game it is even worse… The game will virtually be a 5 seconds per pause game.

MobileNotifier a new way of Notification on iOS

Peter Hajas, created a version of how he thinks iOS notification should be handled. Of course only Jailbroken iPhones can enjoy the notification, and it is FREE! Add this repo: in Cydia and download MobileNotifier and enjoy it.

To know what MobileNotifier does, check out his demo video below:

Mac OS Lion love SSD [Video]

Lion And SSD

Apple had great success with the new Apple MacBook Air mainly due to the introduction of SSD drive which makes computer fast even if it is given slower processor. And because of the success, Mac OSX Lion will have TRIM support for SSD which will make SSD Drive write faster!


What is actually TRIM? TRIM is actually replacing the data you have written before that has marked as delete. Meaning SSD Drive don’t need to “Delete” the bits before writing on it. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, check out the video below, Linus did a very easy to understand video demo of TRIM on SSD:

Refurbished iPad is $150 cheaper in Singapore’s Apple Store

One of the way to save money when you want to buy any Apple product is to check out the Apple Refurbished Store. Normally you will get around 10-30% discount from products ranging from iPod to Macbook Pros. I just found out yesterday that Singapore Apple Store is already selling refurbished iPad Wifi Only version and the discount you will get is huge! You can get up S$150 off from 64Gb Model!

Why buy Refurbished Products from Apple?

Although it might not be a good time to buy a new iPad since a refresh will be coming soon, but for those who are interested in buying an iPad now, you could check out the Refurbished Apple Store for iPad.

I know most people will have this typical mindset that refurbished items don’t last long as they are products that has been returned by users and they are not new. But Apple have a very good practise with their refurbished products, they will fix or replace spoilt component, check thoroughly for any other issues, replace the existing battery with a new one and replace the case. So there is no way you will see scratches nor lousy battery life due to previous usage. And honestly, the percentage of refurbished items to have problems again is almost the same with any new items you purchase from the store.

And not to forget all refurbished items on Apple Store will still have 1 year of AppleCare Warranty and you can still extend your AppleCare to 2 years or 3 years for iPad and other Mac products.

So check out the Apple Refurbished Store for cheaper Apple product if you would like to save some cash! 🙂

iPad 2 Event on March 2 confirmed by Apple

iPad 2 Event on March 2 confirmed by Apple

Apple has officially sent out invites to media for a event on next Wednesday March 2nd 2011. Looking at the graphic of the invite, it is very easy for us to tell that it will involve our loved iPad. It is time for their refresh and I’m sure iPad 2 will be the main focus on the event. Although I feel that other announcement will be there too as the tag line is ” Come see what 2011 will be the year of”. Of course 2011 is already been known the as the tablet year as started by Apple by launching iPad in 2010.

We might be seeing more Lion OS preview as Apple’s recent years of strategy is let developers and users see what is coming in the very near futures, especially to prep them for the Apps.

The event will be held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10:00 am. So stay tuned with us for more updates on the event!

Macbook Pro 2011 comes with Sandy Bridge, FaceTime HD and ThunderBolt

After much wait, Macbook Pro 2011 finally launched! Although we don’t see Liquid Metal Case, nor SSD standard set, but it is a pretty good upgrades. Let’s go into details:

  • All Macbook Pros even the 13inch is getting minimum i5, the rest will get i7
  • All Macbook Pros have 4 GB of RAM, very sufficient for current computing
  • Harddisk range from 320GB to 750GB 5400RPM
  • As usual, 13″ MBP will only have 1 Graphics Card which is the Intel HD Graphics 3000, 15″ and 17″ gets another better graphics card from AMD Radeon HD 6490M to 6750M

  • All Macbook Pros will be having FaceTime HD which support Video up to 720p

  • All Macbook Pros will get 1 Thunderbolt Port supports up to 10Gbps
  • MacBook Pro line starts from USD$1199 just $200 more than MacBook Air

Thunderbolt Port – The ALL-IN-ONE Wonder Port!

Overall the refresh didn’t have alot of “WOW” factor other than Thunderbolt which is quite incredible. Not only Thunderbolt is very fast, it support data transfer up to 10Gbps, it also can be daisy chain to support up to 6 devices. It can be connect to Raid arrays, video capture solutions, USB and FireWire peripherals, Gigabit Ethernet, Mini Display Port display Plugs which can be connected to HDMI, VGA displays! In short Thunderbolt is a ALL-IN-ONE Wonder Port!

Macbook Pro 2011 Specification Leaked!

Fscklog posted a image of what we think might be the Macbook Pro 2011 13 Inch Model Specification! Seems like it will be a usual refresh with some new technology as predicted in our previous blog post! Below are the details:

  • 2.3 GHZ Sandy Bridge Dual Core Intel Core i5 Processor with 3MB L3 Cache
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 320GB Hard disk (disappointed that is no SSD, but it should be available as an add on option)
  • 13.3-inch LED backlit display with a 1280×800 pixel resolution.
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384MB RAM
  • FaceTime HD Camera
  • 8X Superdrive
  • Thunderbolt (Which we suspect should be Light Peak Technology which Apple has been working on for quite some time)
  • SDXC SD Card Slot which seems to be able to support up to 2TB of Storage

We have gotten some of the main upgrades correct in our previous Macbook Pro 2011 Predication, but we didn’t expect Light Peak or Thunderbolt to be out so soon and the new SDXC SD Card slot which supports card storage up to 2TB. This 2 were out of our exceptions, but I’m pretty disappointed we ain’t getting any SSD as a standard package for the 13 inch model. Although we have no idea if 15 or 17 inch MBP will be getting SSD as its standard setup.

We have seen in Macbook Air that SSD really boost the notebook performance even from a low powered processor in the MBA. Really hope it will be included.

Although we can’t be sure that Thunderbolt is Light Peak, but it seems to be as seen in the picture above. Light Peak are a high speed IO technology which can transfer data at a very high speed of 1-10Gbps! Very cool technology but I’m sure it will take some time to gain popularity.

Another interesting technology is FaceTime HD which means that Macbook Pro users can now FaceTime at HD quality to fellow iPhone and iPod Touch and the future iPad 2.

Stay Tuned with us for more Macbook Pro 2011 details!

Playable Angry Birds Cake! [Video]

Angry Birds is the top downloaded games on iOS, Android and even Mac. Due to the popularity of the App, tons of plush toys, keychains, board games came to the market!

Now there is even Angry Birds Cake! What is more amazing is that it is a playable cake, meaning you can really throw your Angry Birds to knock off the Pigs off their shelters!

Check out the Playable Angry Birds Cake:

iPad 2 smaller, thinner and lighter? [Video]

We have heard many many rumors on iPad 2 will be smaller and thinner. M.I.C Gadget gotten a leather iPad 2 case which has been reported that it was tested with a real iPad 2. The case seems to be housing a smaller and thinner iPad rather than the current iPad.

I know it is stupid to say anything against it now, but I feel that the next iPad might be having the same size. Apple usually keep their product with the same size and shape for at least 2 refreshes. We see that with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Macbook Pros. Thus we might be getting the same old iPad size for iPad 2.

iPad 3 is rumored to come to us by Fall of 2011, so this case might be for iPad 3? I mean I’m just guessing, who knows? Haha! Anyway check out the video of it below:

iPhone users spent $2 more than Android users Monthly!

As seen in the infographics, iPhone users on average spent at least $2 more than Android users. I think the most important reason for that is App Store. Apple has built up a very easy way to purchase apps, your credit card information is already kept in Apple’s Server. So if you want to buy any apps, there is nothing that will stop you other than your user id and password!

With Apple’s App verification process, I think quality of the Apps are on average better than Android’s Market place, thus might give users a peace of mind when deciding to buy apps.

What you do think? Leave us a comment!

What we might get in Macbook Pro 2011

What can we see in the up and coming Macbook Pro 2011 refresh?

  • Processor Upgrades – Sandy Bridge is on the way to Macbook Pro 2011, definitely will be seeing it when it refreshes.
  • Liquid Metal Body – Apple has been using Macbook Pro’s Aluminum Full Body for about 3 years, and they have been trying to test out Liquid Metal technology, and have used it to produce the Metal Piece Pin comes with your iPhone which is use to push out your SIM Card out from iPhone.
  • Better Battery Life – What else is more important than having good battery life? Everyone wants their laptop’s battery life to be as good as iPad. It is rumored that Macbook Pro 2011’s Battery life will increase by 2 hours, which will be 12 hours!
  • Better WiFi Coverage – As Aluminum is actually blocking some percentage of the Wifi signal, having a liquid metal body will strengthen Wifi Signal
  • Better FaceTime Camera – Apple hasn’t been updating their iSight camera, and because of FaceTime on iPhone, iPod Touch and soon to be iPad, Macbook Pro 2011 might be the first to get their first FaceTime Camera upgrade with larger megapixel, who knows we might get HD quality FaceTime Camera
  • SSD Option – Apple might slowly phase out Optical Drive, and might replace them with SSD drive as an additional HDD. It is not new that people actually remove their optical drive on their MBP and replace with a SSD, so Apple might take that idea up just like Mac Mini Server which they removed Optical Drive for a extra Harddisk
  • Better heat control – This is actually my wishlist, Apple’s Macbook Pro are really too HOT to be on your lap, although Apple’s reply is MBP is not a laptop but a notebook. But at times, you really need to put them on your lap. So I hope Apple can have better heat controls
  • Cheaper Macbook Pro – It is rumored heavily that Macbook Pro 2011’s price point will drop by 100-200 dollars. Who don’t wish to pay less for more?

That rounds up my prediction for Macbook Pro refresh for 2011 which it rumored to be on March! What do you think? Leave us a comment or tweet to us @usingapple