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iPhone is finally on Verizon, with Mobile Hotspot Feature

We have heard rumors, talks, news and what so ever that iPhone is going to on Verizon, but people in US has been waiting and waiting. Finally today is the day when Verizon finally gets the iPhone deal! You are now able to pre-order yourself a iPhone 4 on Verizon network, and you will be able to get it by 02.10.11!

But this is not just it, this iPhone 4 will also be able to broadcast itself as a mobile hotspot, which you can share your network from your iPhone 4 to 5 other devices. Cool ya? What’s better, it is seems to be built in… So we might be able to get it, in the next iOS update?

According to crunchgear, iPhone 4 on Verizon’s reception is really good, and the mobile hotspot on iPhone 4 is very cool. I’m happy that iPhone users in US can finally make decision if they wanna stay on AT&T or jump ship to Verizon. The iPhone Carriers wars has been over in most countries, certainly Singapore, which we already have all 3 carriers having iPhones.

Can you tell the difference between iPhone 4 and China Clone SoPhone?

Can you really tell the difference between the real Apple iPhone 4 and SoPhone “iPhone 4” China Clone? From this picture I really can’t tell which one is the real one.

So when you are in China or Hong Kong next time, and you thought you have found a real deal for iPhone 4, think twice and double check before you buy one! I’m sure you will feel it once you start playing with it, so be sure to check!

Check out the video below on the news headlines in Hong Kong:

Kevin Rose – Founder of Digg says iPad 2 is coming real soon

Kevin Rose, the founder of said that iPad 2 is coming really soon, in 2-3 weeks time. We all knows that iPad 2 is coming, but Kevin is saying it will be announce by early february, which is really soon.

So according to his blog post, he mention that iPad 2 will come with a better screen, front and rear facing camera, and he is telling us not to buy iPad if you are planning to buy now as iPad 2 is coming!

I have it on good authority that Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in the next “3-4 weeks”, possibly Tuesday February 1st. The iPad 2 will feature a retina display and front/back cameras.

If you’re thinking of buying an iPad, hold off for now.

So guys, if it is Kevin telling to you hold off, you got to hold off as he is always quite accurate with Apple’s news.

iPad 2 Cases Video – iPad 2 with larger speaker and maybe USB Port?

iPad will be having its refresh very soon, rumored to be end of February. So what will we be getting from the new iPad?

Based on the video of the iPad 2 Cases, iPad 2 will most likely have a much larger speaker, which will be reach all the way back into the back of iPad. Rear Facing Camera, with no flash and the size of the iPad seems to remain around the same, although the design definitely have changes as they don’t fit nicely to the current iPad.

Check out the video to see what you will be most likely getting, although I still hope iPad 2 will have a smaller version.

Mac App Store is now Open!

Yes! The Apple’s Mac App Store is finally up! If you haven’t do your System Update, go to Your Apple Icon, click on Software Updates, and you will be able to get Mac App Store installed. Of course, Apple pushed Mac App Store as a Software Update on the OS Level, so you will need to do a reboot after installation.

After you are done, I’m sure you will be spending hours in the store, looking for good free apps, and great paid apps yeah? Currently Angry Birds is already the top paid App in Mac App Store. I’m really wondering… Why people still wanna play Angry Birds on their Mac when they already have iPhone and iPad! Nevertheless, it is now the top app.

The top free app on Mac App Store is Twitter currently. It looks and feel exactly like Tweetie,  so you all will be able to download and install it now with ease.

Overall, I had a great first-hand experience with Mac App Store, it is the usual clean, fast and easy to navigate app store experience. I’m able to quickly download games, twitter and many other apps on it and it is really the easiest way to install App on Mac. And Honestly, it will be the easiest way to spend lots of money on them!

There are quite a large collection of apps/software in there, like Evernote, Apple’s iWorks and iLife, lots of games that we are very familiar, for eg Flight Control HD, Tori Tori and Angry Birds.

So what are you waiting for? Update your Mac now and get App Store running, and start spend some money! Haha!

On the 12th Day of Christmas, iTunes gave us David Guetta

On the very last day of 12th Day of Christmas, iTunes gave us One Love Video Bundle from David Guetta! Apple really knows how to spread love yeah?

We hope that you guys have enjoyed the 12 days of free gifts! We will definitely be waiting for the same period of free gifts from Apple the next Christmas. But today is not the end of free gifts from Apple, I’m sure we will be getting some free apps once Apple’s Mac App Store launch tomorrow.

So stay tuned at for more information on the Apple Mac App Store when it launch!

11th Day of Christmas, iTunes is giving me Mirror’s Edge iOS Game

We are almost at the end of the 12th day of Christmas from iTunes, meaning no more free gift very soon! Nevertheless, iTunes is giving us a very amazing game today, free Mirror’s Edge from EA. This game has gotten lots of good feedback when it first launch, so for people who haven’t download or play with it, be sure to download it!

And also, a quick reminder that Apple’s Mac App Store will be launch tomorrow! How cool is that, I’m sure there are many people waiting for the launch, to see if there are more freebies from Apple!

Apple’s Plans for Year 2011 – iPhone, iPad, iMac and Macbooks

Do you wanna know what’s Apple’s Plan for Year 2011? Computerworld‘s Jonny Evans have made a very good guess/predictions on what’s Apple’s plan on 2011. It looks like a very good guess… I’m sure most of the period are quite straightforward, but looking at the guess, Apple will be having a very very busy year.

I hope we can see Lion OS earlier, best if it can be launch before the iMac/Macbook refresh so we can have Lion on the new iMac and Macbooks, and not after it.


* Mac App Store opens for business
* Apple introduces the iPad 2.0 — faster, thinner, new cameras, shipping “by April”.
* Apple reports Q1 results — confirm huge Mac sales growth, stellar iPad sales and extremely strong iPhone statistics.
* iWork 11 makes App Store debut.
* News Corp. ships ‘The Daily’ magazine


* Aperture upgraded
* First million apps downloaded from Mac App Store, iWork and a variety of free gaming apps see huge success.
* iAds spring partners unveiled, though Apple skips discussion of revenue.
* iTunes update brings TV show streaming and subscription services. Cable company shares take a dive.


* iPhone hits Verizon
* White iPhone ships, but supplies deeply constrained
* iBookstore update brings the Web to books
* iBookstore/iTunes Extra title creation tool revealed, will this be part of future iLife suite?


* Apple upgrades MacBook Pro range, some models lose optical drives and gain SSD as standard. “We said this is where mobile computing is going, we still believe this,” says Jobs.
* Apple reports Q2 results
* iPad 2.0 hits retail for the first time, over a million sold on day one.
* Final Cut Studio upgrade is 64-bit and integrates powerful iAd and virtual environment creation features.
* iMac update now ships with Magic Trackpad as standard.


* iPad 2.0 achieves six million sales in first two months.
* Logic Studio upgrade ships, now offers additional features for live performance mixing, including automated level controls for live desk recording.


* Steve Jobs keynotes WWDC
* iPhone 5 debuts at WWDC
* WWDC sees beta release of OS X Lion to developers.
* Safari 6 offers improved Flash support — Flash now an optional extra.
* OpenJDK Project announces first fully-tested public beta of Java for OS X Lion and Snow Leopard systems.
* iOS 5 offers plethora of features, including new mapping and location-sensing tools. Apple focuses its pitch on easy-to-use and understand privacy controls for location and usage information.


* iPhone 5, iPad 2.0 reaches new countries
* Apple reports Q3 results
* Apple desktop products upgraded, now ship with Magic Trackpad as standard. Mac Pro now boasts LightPeak connectivity.


* Apple hosts special music event, introduces new products which ship in September (see below).
* Apple introduces Android emulator for iPhone, “There’s some good apps on Android, now iPhone users can run them on their iPhone, unless they use Flash,” says Jobs.
* Hell freezes over, iTunes app lets Android users purchase music from their favorite music store.


* iTunes 11 ships, offers cloud-based music locker service. “We’ve been working on this for a while,” admits Steve Jobs as he introduces the service.
* New iPod touch ships, chassis is more like the iPhone 4, capacity increased.
* iPad nano replaced by iPhone nano, worn like a watch and equipped with an A4 processor and the capacity for voice calls, this smaller cheaper iPhone is feature-limited but lets you Tweet, Facebook and email on the move.
* iPod classic gets speed bump.
* Apple TV gains latest (A5?) processor.


* Mac OS X ‘Lion’ ships
* iOS 5.1 debuts, extends iOS/OS X integration.
* iLife 12 appears, equipped with additional ‘cloud’-based features this is the first version of iLife to be made available exclusively via the App Store.
* Apple reports Q4 results.


* iOS 5.2 upgrade ships


* App Store downloads now reach 5 billion
* Mac App Store downloads reach 100 million
* Apple confirms 5 million iPhone nano sales, cuts price for Christmas market.