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Movie shot just with iPhone 4!

Leading South Korean film director shot a movie with just iPhone! Remember the first short film to be produced with just iPhone? This movie is called “Paranmanjang which means ups and downs in Korean. Cool yeah? To actually shoot a actual movie with just iPhones.

Check out the Movie’s trailer and the behind the scenes:

Behind the Scenes:

It is just plain amazing how they use such professional props, but just with iPhone as the camera!

Apple iPad 2 will be announced on Feb 9?

Most of Apple’s products screen shot will bave 27 January, but this time round we saw iPad’s screen shot to be on February 9. So are we really seeing Apple to announce their new iPad on early February as hinted by Kevin Rose? Who knows, but of course the earlier the better, as who don’t want a better, lighter and faster iPad?

iPad is one of the hottest device in German’s Parliament!

The picture says it all isn’t it? Out of 9 persons in the above picture, 4 of them are holding their iPad. Yes, iPad is the hottest device in German’s Parliament!

A few good reasons why it is popular, first its battery life. iPad’s battery life can last 6-7 hrs of continueous usage even if you can doing web surfing or video or gaming. Thus it is critical for ministers in the parliament to have a device that can last through out the sessions.

Next the connectivity, iPad has 3G model which you can surf the web, check your emails or doing skype while you can in the Parliament.

Last but not the least, the screen is great, and it is good for reading or writing, they can actually read out their speech from iPad itself, or write their speech while waiting.

Looks like Education Minister Annette Schavan and Environment State Secretary Ursula Heinen-eaters are enjoying their iPad

Turn your iPhone or iPad into AppleTV with AirView

I know lots of you are wondering if you can stream videos to your iPhone or iPad via your iTunes on your desktop, previously you can’t, but now you can! With AirView, you can now stream video/podcast or songs. Cool right? Please note that you will need iOS 4.2 to run AirPlay or AirView, so do update your iOS if you need to run it. Jailbroken iPhones, sorry you got to wait awhile… 🙂

So iOS 4.2 iPhone users, don’t wait, download AirView now, it is free!

China’s fake version of iPad 2 Ads?

Yes, the ad looks really familiar right? It is actually taken from Apple’s old iPad ad, photoshop-ed with front facing camera and given iPad 2 a brand new White body which Apple can’t really produce even for iPhone 4.

Talk about white, although there always has been rumors saying white iPhone is for Verizon, but apparently it is not. Apple might really have issue producing good white color for their White iPhone. So let’s wait and see, and we might be able to see white iPhone 5.

Anyway, enjoy the mock up ad for iPad 2:

iOS 4.3 to include 4 and 5 finger multi-touch gestures and Mobile Hot Spot

Apple is really stepping up their gear, and will be soon pushing iOS 4.3 out. But what is very interesting about iOS 4.3 is the mobile hotspot where you can create a hotspot with your iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. This will be a step infront of Google’s Android, as only very little Android users are actually having this feature now, although they have pushed it out first.

What is also discovered in iOS 4.3 beta, is the multi-touch gestures that supports up to 5 fingers. So what can you do with 4 and 5? Swiping left and right with 4 fingers will bring you to the next app running, meaning you can switch to another app running in the background without double tapping your hold button then select the app. Pretty cool har? What is better is the 5 finger “squeeze”, you will be able to go back to your home screen without the Home Button. So are we seeing Home button to go off for iPad 2? I doubt so, as gestures really will take users some time to get used to, so I think that it is just the first step for Apple to educate their users about the gestures. And of course, it is slightly harder to use 4 or 5 fingers on your small iPhone…

Check out the video showing us how the 4 and 5 finger gestures work on iOS 4.3 beta:

iPad 2 [Pic] has 2 cameras, high-res screen plus SD Slot and A5 Chip?

Kevin Rose mentioned in his blog post that iPad 2 will be coming out by February, but according to Engadget, it might not be so soon. iPad 2 is rumored to launch by April. So what will we be seeing in the new iPad 2?

Of course iPad 2 will have 2 Camera, front and rear, which you will be able to take photo and HD video with. Better High Resolution Screen as confirmed by Kevin, and maybe a bump to the A4 processor to A5! What is new is that the slot behind the iPad 2 might not be larger speaker by a SD Slot! So we will be seeing the disappearing of camera kit for iPad? Honestly if you ask me, I will really prefer a USB port compare to SD slot, as there are more possibility for expansion.

Chinese New Year Red Friday Apple Store Discount for Asia!

Apple is giving lots of Asia countries’s Apple Store Chinese New Year RED Friday discounts. Discount range from SGD$7 to SGD$140 for accessories and Macs.

Discounts are not just for accessories this time round, which is cool. You can now get SGD$140 discount from all iMacs, Macbook Pros and the 13″ Macbook Airs. iPads are given SGD$61 discount for all model, and iPod Touch and iPod Nanos are on discounts too.

So if you wanted to buy Apple Products or Accessories, now is the time, and please note that you only have 1 day! It will end by 15 January!

I have just bought Power HD Support Anti-Glare Film for iPhone 4! Thanks Apple and advance Happy New Year to all UsingApple readers!

T-Mobile “laugh” at AT&T and Verizon on their iPhone slowing their network

So what Ads can you air when your 2 competitors have gotten iPhones, the best selling smartphone ever. T-Mobile decided to air a ad that “laugh” at AT&T and Verizon. Laughing at them as their network is from bad to worse due to iPhone users usage.

So Verizon and AT&T are now holding iPhones, let’s see how long every other carriers start having them, and honestly by then iPhone might really dominate the market. In Singapore, where we have have iPhone in all the carriers, iPhone is really dominating the smartphone market.

But seems like T-Mobile won’t be getting iPhone anytime soon, so… enjoy their ad.

Sweet Dreams performed by Yoari and iBand (iPhone & iPad Band)

More and more we see that performance are made with iOS devices, Yoari and iBand (iPhone & iPad Band) have came together and performed plus recorded Sweet Dreams with just iOS devices.

They ain’t the first, there are lot of other bands are incorporating iPhones and iPads into their music. This actually tells us that iOS Devices, are really all rounder performer for media, as it is a very good media player, recorder and producing media.

So do check out Yoari and iBand video: