iPhone is finally on Verizon, with Mobile Hotspot Feature

We have heard rumors, talks, news and what so ever that iPhone is going to on Verizon, but people in US has been waiting and waiting. Finally today is the day when Verizon finally gets the iPhone deal! You are now able to pre-order yourself a iPhone 4 on Verizon network, and you will be able to get it by 02.10.11!

But this is not just it, this iPhone 4 will also be able to broadcast itself as a mobile hotspot, which you can share your network from your iPhone 4 to 5 other devices. Cool ya? What’s better, it is seems to be built in… So we might be able to get it, in the next iOS update?

According to crunchgear, iPhone 4 on Verizon’s reception is really good, and the mobile hotspot on iPhone 4 is very cool. I’m happy that iPhone users in US can finally make decision if they wanna stay on AT&T or jump ship to Verizon. The iPhone Carriers wars has been over in most countries, certainly Singapore, which we already have all 3 carriers having iPhones.


    So, what do you think ?