iPad 2 [Pic] has 2 cameras, high-res screen plus SD Slot and A5 Chip?

Kevin Rose mentioned in his blog post that iPad 2 will be coming out by February, but according to Engadget, it might not be so soon. iPad 2 is rumored to launch by April. So what will we be seeing in the new iPad 2?

Of course iPad 2 will have 2 Camera, front and rear, which you will be able to take photo and HD video with. Better High Resolution Screen as confirmed by Kevin, and maybe a bump to the A4 processor to A5! What is new is that the slot behind the iPad 2 might not be larger speaker by a SD Slot! So we will be seeing the disappearing of camera kit for iPad? Honestly if you ask me, I will really prefer a USB port compare to SD slot, as there are more possibility for expansion.


So, what do you think ?